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Cancellation Policy

Please read this page before registering for your MSTR® course:


  • After registration you will be sent an invoice (by email) from your instructor, for the amount advertised.  The course fee becomes due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Please pay the invoice promptly to ensure your place on the course.

  • If a workshop is cancelled by an MSTR® instructor (e.g. due to insufficient numbers or illness), or if the venue has to be changed and the new venue is not agreeable to you, you will be offered either a rescheduled class or a full refund.

  • Do NOT book travel or accommodation until the course has been confirmed as going ahead. This announcement will be labelled on the course dates page – where you booked the course.

  • Sourcing accommodation to attend a course is your responsibility.

  • MSTR® classes operate based on student numbers reaching viable levels. If viable numbers are not reached your instructor will inform you of any cancellation, at least 48hrs prior to the workshop.

  • If a participant wishes to cancel their enrollment more than 7 days prior to commencement of a workshop you will be entitled to a full refund (less 10% administration fee) if less than 6 months since the original purchase.

  • Workshop fees will not be refunded for cancellations within 7 days of the workshop commencement. You may transfer to another course.

  • No refunds will be made where you have already been sent a MSTR® training manual. (Such as for the Small Groups classes and the Online 1-to-1 course.)

  • Cancellations more than six months after your invoice date incur a 10% administration fee.

  • For Online 1-2-1 video calls: A choice of Video call appointment times will be offered to you but please be aware that if both you and the instructor have very busy schedules then this may delay the appointment being agreed upon. Your understanding is appreciated.

  • Refunds will be sent only via the same pathway as the payment was received. We will not make a bank transfer or refund to a different name or account holder.

  • Any request to cancel or change an enrollment must be made in writing (email) to your instructor.

  • When a refund is necessary or in exceptional circumstances a withdrawal is approved, the resulting credit can be transferred to another MSTR® One Day workshop.

  • Any request to transfer to another class must be made in writing to your instructor. 

  • Transfer to an alternative class date can only be made once. If the participant fails to attend the subsequent workshop to which they have transferred, they will forfeit all course fees.

  • Your course fee payment will be forfeited if you fail to attend a One Day class, without a prior written arrangement with your instructor. 

  • Your completed registration form signifies your agreement with this Cancellation Policy.

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