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Based in Melbourne, Australia

Hello!  Christine O’Connor here.  I am based in Melbourne, Victoria. 

I started my journey of learning soft tissue therapies in the 90’s.  I have continued this, both formally and via experience and shared knowledge, ever since. 

Continous learning is one of my passions.  Another is being able to facilitate a person’s own journey of discovery through the clinical work we can do, like integrating structure and restoring, or increasing, the ability to move.  The more we explain the more everyone learns. 

MSTR® has been an incredibly valuable skill to learn.  I feel we can address scar tissue itself, and also it’s potential, often complex, impact on our clients with this versatile technique.  

MSTR® is effective, efficient and expedient.  It is valuable as a stand alone treatment, or integrated with your tools, into your treatment approach.   It’s an excellent technique for facilitating change.

Coming back to passion, I really value working with people that are complex in presentation.  This keeps me thinking and paying attention to all the different aspects that can affect our clients.  

Along with this clinical aspect, I have also worked extensively with many elite, and amateur sports. This culminated in working with the Australian Olympic Team HQ for Sydney, Beijing and London.  One (of the many) valued aspects of this is has been working within teams and learning with remarkable minds, over many allied health disciplines. 

The MSTR® international team is amazing in the structure and support that is provided in addition to the formal learning.  This ongoing aspect means we all continue to improve and learn, all the time.  This is also provided for you when you join the community.

I take all of these learnings, and approach, into the work I do with all the clients that we are allowed to work with.  It is a true privilege that they entrust us to do so. 

I feel that scar tissue and traumatized tissue are such an under recognised  aspect to our work.  MSTR® has provided this link in the ever-increasing chain of treatment. 

It is very exciting to be joining the MSTR® instructor’s team.  


It will be a real treat to have the opportunity to be a conduit for passing along this information and I do look forward to sharing MSTR® with you.



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  • MSTR Diploma

  • Adv Diploma Myotherapy

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage

  • Diploma of Health Science

  • AIS Postgraduate Scholarhsip (Massage)

  • Cert IV Training and Assessment


Associations – 

  • Massage and Myotherapy Australia

  • Sports Medicine Australia

  • Massage New Zealand