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Customised products

Professional clinic wear, notebooks and pens...all with the "Approved MSTR® Practitioner logo!

Advertise yourself, your clinic and your work with these MSTR® customised products.

Use the automated payment method to complete your order.

Orders are usually completed and shipped in 2-3 working days.

Handheld Camera

We can create personalised MSTR® video presentations or MSTR® clinic brochure for you. 

Pay for any of the 4 promotional videos or brochure using the PayPal button and complete the details requested on the order form.

Please ensure all your details are correct. Any alterations we have to make to completed items due to your incorrect information will incur additional costs. (Each video takes about 1 hour to create - even a minor mistake will take around 30 minutes to correct!)

Pay in Euro using the correct BUY NOW button
PayPal will make the automatic conversion to your currency.
Do not send payment in $'s or £'s etc..