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There are many reasons why I love what I do with the two main ones being able to witness positive change in the people I see one-to-one in my clinics and sharing the techniques I use and am passionate about through teaching.

MSTR®  fits both of these areas.  It has become an integral part of my every day practice, often taking results with clients to a new level and never failing to amaze me at the healing that may occur, whether that’s physical or emotional.

Discovering that MSTR® may help such a diverse range of issues has been incredible - for scars due to surgery or trauma both internal and external; fibrous or congested tissue from sprains, strains, torn/pulled muscles, adhesions, endometriosis and more; as well as restrictions in movement.   Feeling the changes in tissue beneath my fingertips is really quite magical and often triggers profound life-changing effects for my clients.  There seems to be no limit to what this technique may help which is why it is such a fantastic tool to add to your professional skills, enhancing client results and offering new business opportunities too.

This is why I am excited to offer instruction in  MSTR® in a 1 Day Workshops here in Manchester UK, working together with my fellow MSTR® Instructor Louisa Griffin - effectively giving you 2 qualified Instructors for the price of one.  How good is that!

In more than 17 years of working within the complementary health field I have always worked with the areas that have personally interested me, starting with nutrition, progressing into energy medicine and incorporating meditation & mindfulness for overall lifestyle benefits.  Adding Bowen Technique bodywork to my skills along with MSTR® ensures I can offer clients the best combination of treatments for their wellbeing at any given time.

I am passionate about helping you learn MSTR® as a valuable addition to your practice, so what are you waiting for? Lets get started!

In love and health


Student feedback:
"An excellent day I would highly recommend other therapists to learn MSTR. Most enjoyable part was the practical seeing the instant changes was mind blowing! Very professional. Very passionate. Nothing was too much trouble." ~ M.C. United Kingdom
"I enjoyed witnessing palpable changes in the tissue after carrying out the MSTR and also the physical and emotional changes by those worked on. This emphasised to me just how powerful and profound this technique can be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to get started with MSTR!" ~ R.H. United Kingdom

MSTR® - Certificate of Proficiency
Bowen Technique - Diploma of Proficiency
A& P Level 3 - Diploma ETS
IOS - CPD Certificate
Art of Bowen 1 - CPD Certificate
Natural Nutritionist - Diploma in Natural Nutrition
Reiki Third Degree - Certificate
Meditation Teacher - Diploma Certificate
Bach Flower/Essences - Practitioners Diploma
Mindfulness - Diploma Course
First Aid - Certificate

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