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Equal Opportunities

We are committed to equal opportunities when you enrol as an MSTR® student or work as an MSTR® Instructor.

We aim to promote an environment that is free from all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination and a place that values the diversity of all people.

We seek to treat people fairly, truthfully and with dignity and respect.

We will take every possible step to ensure that no person either seeking student enrolment or MSTR® instructorship with us will receive less favourable treatment or will be disadvantaged on the grounds of their:


  1. Age

  2. Disability

  3. Gender Reassignment

  4. Marriage and civil partnership

  5. Pregnancy and maternity

  6. Race

  7. Religion or belief

  8. Sex

  9. Sexual Orientation

We recognise that the provision of equal opportunities is not only good management practice; it also makes sound business sense. Affording everyone full dignity within the MSTR® community promotes good relationships and satisfaction amongst members, and results in a motivated, productive and creative environment which leads to service improvements in the community and classroom.

Equal opportunities helps all within the MSTR® community to develop their full potential as practitioners and instructors and creates an environment of equality for all.

We will take positive steps to ensure that the policy is known to all instructors, practitioners and students that we work with and support. We will also ensure that equal opportunity is embedded in all our procedures, day to day practices and external relationships.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse any enrolment without explanation. Fees will be refunded when purchases have been made but where enrolment is refused.

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