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Gus de la Querra

Instructor Profile

Based in Oxford, UK

Offers classes in South Africa

The great thing about MSTR® is that it works. And it works well. 

It has become an invaluable every-day tool in my clinic and one my whole treatment plan can very often be centred around.

Helping people is what we do and what we love. And if I can help people to help more people, well that’s a bonus and a massive honour. 

I initially trained in Sports Therapy and deep tissue massage before finding my way into the world of The Bowen Technique. The gentleness of Bowen and results achieved through gentle bodywork was a big eye opener for me. 

And now with MSTR®, the game has changed even more. Non-invasive and extremely gentle, the results being achieved is just astounding – both in clinic and in the latest research.

The thing with scars is that we tend to think of them as being localised, isolated, and very often totally forgotten – out of sight, out of mind. 

The truth is that they may often cause a disruption in the function of the nervous system, creating problems in areas far removed from the scar location. I experience this in my clinic all the time and this phenomenon can be tested over and over. 

As you might have noticed, I am very passionate about the subject and this passion and excitement spills over into the way I teach. 

Although I would say that I think of it more as me sharing exciting information with you rather than you being taught. Information that you are able to use to create further change in people’s lives and enhance the service you provide in your clinic. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and sharing this amazing work with you!

Best regards





Cert Exercise and Fitness Studies
Cert Sports Therapy
Cert Ultrasound Therapy
Bowen technique Practitioner/Tutor
Anatomy Trains
City and Guilds - PTLLS
Integral Human dissections
ECBS tutor 2012 – 2019
Co-owner Safe to Move

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