Jill L'Esperance

Instructor Profile

Based in Cokato, Minnesota, USA

After my first career in mechanical design engineering, I began training in the massage field in 2004. I became nationally board certified in Medical Massage Therapy in July 2004.

I obtained certification in Neuromuscular Release Therapy in 2008 and began training in various forms of Bowen Therapy in 2012.

My primary focus has been on relieving and correcting pain and health issues.

I was introduced to light touch muscle release in 2012 and I am certified in a hand full of light touch methods. 

I discovered MSTR® in 2017 and I continue to see amazing results when using this as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with the muscle release modalities.

I practice full time out of 2 locations. I currently teach primarily in Minnesota and I am looking to expand into other states.

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Emmett Technique – EMM-Tech, Modules 1 thru 6
EP1 thru  EP6 – September 2016 – October 2019
Textbook Bowen Seminars – Targeting Primary Dysfunction – April 2018
Art of Bowen – March 2018
Applied Myoskeletal – Upper Torso & Neck, Pelvis & Lumbar Spine, Lower Extremities – April 2016
Textbook Bowen Seminars – The Importance of Symmetry – October 2015
Neuro Structural Integration Technique (NST) – Essential TMJ – July 2015
NST – Advanced workshop – August 2014
NST – Basic workshop – August 2013
Neuromuscular Performance Institute – Swing Flex Power Golf Therapy – October 2009
Neuromuscular Performance Institute – Neuromuscular Release Therapy – December 2008
Blue Heron Academy – Various CEU programs including Carpel Tunnel, Tai Chi &Yoga – 2005 – 2007
Blue Heron Academy – Medical Massage Therapy – 600 hour program – 2004
National Board Certification – July 2004
Member of American Medical Massage Association from 2004 – 2015