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I’m a passionate advocate for MSTR® work because I see the positive impact it has on clients almost every day.

As the founder of a busy, successful clinic, I look after people with a myriad of conditions, and MSTR® work will often feature in their treatment plan. Given that I get 92% of my clients through referrals, I know MSTR® and the other techniques I use really work. It’s my mission to empower other practitioners to deliver this transformative treatment too.

My teaching style is professional, informative with a healthy dollop of humour. You’ll see from my CPD list that I love to learn, and I know how to make courses memorable for all the right reasons. I came to the world of bodywork after a life-changing accident and I’m now pain-free.

Since then, I’ve devoted my professional life to learning everything I can about how to treat the body holistically, and it’s my honour to be trusted to teach MSTR®.

I’ll make the course work for you, not only by teaching it to the highest standard possible, but also by being flexible too. So, if you’d like to get your own group together for a workshop, I’ll travel to you and deliver it. Together, we can change more clients’ lives for the better.

Take care


Student feedback:
"Jules was knowledgeable and able to answer any questions. She stood back and let us practice, but was always on hand if we needed help and guidance. All was very good." ~ C.M. - United Kingdom
"The professionalism of the instructor was excellent. Jules explained how MSTR works and why. It’s a very intense course. One that I enjoyed very much." ~ L.B. - United Kingdom
"Jules was very professional and very knowledgable. She is really enthusiastic about MSTR. It just made the course even more enjoyable. Jules was very good in coming round and checking that we had the technique right. Nothing was too much trouble. It was a relaxed atmosphere where you could ask questions whenever through out the course of the day. I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable course I have been on. Thank you for a brilliant course." ~ J.M. - United Kingdom

In addition to my initial training I have attended the courses listed below or hold the following certificates and professional memberships:
Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists
Three Day First Aid at Work Certificate
Paediatric 12 Hour Infant/Child First Aid Level 3
Integral Anatomy Intensive with Gil Hedley
One day dissection course 'Introduction to Fascia' wit Julian Baker
Red Flag Assessment
ECBS Practitioner Workshop with Jihan Adem
ECBS Bowen Kinetics Workshop with Michael Morris
ECBS Mother and Baby Workshop with Sylvia Wilkinson
"Bowen in the Flesh" Dissection Course with Jihan Adem
Attended the British Fascia Symposium 2014
The "Essential TMJ" Module 1 with Ron Phelan
The "Essential TMJ" Module 2 with Ron Phelan
Practitioner Assessment Skills Course Module 1 with Ron Phelan
Practitioner Assessment Skills Course Module 3 with Ron Phelan
6-Day Intensive Hands-On Human Dissection Workshop
"Art of Bowen" Course with Alastair McLoughlin
ECBS TMJ, Respiratory and Diaphragm Workshop with Alastair Rattray
ECBS Assessment Workshop with Michael Morris
Fascia Bowen 'Part 1 & 2 Combined' with Jo Wortley
NST Bowen 'Deep Cures' with Ron Phelan
The "Essential TMJ" Module 2 (refresher) with Ron Phelan
Neural Touch™ Bowen Bridge 1 with Gene Dobkin
Attended the Bowen 2015 Conference
ECBS Asthma and Respiratory Workshop with Alastair Rattray
ECBS Neuro Workshop with Michael Morris
Fascia Bowen 'Part 1 & 2 Combined' refresher with Jo Wortley
"Smart Bowen" with Randy Barber
Sports Course 1 with Paula Esson and Michael Morris
"Anatomy in Motion (AiM) with Gary Ward
"The Importance of Symmetry" with Graham Pennington
College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – The Pelvis and Lumbar Spine with John Garfield
College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Upper Torso and Neck with John Garfield
CBS Practitioner Workshop with Michael Morris (FHT Holistic Therapist of the Year 2016)
Fascia Bowen 'Practitioner Workshop – Update & Revision' with Jo Wortley
'Ultimate Bowen' with Julian Baker
'Hormonal Release – The Bowen Way' with Ron Phelan
"Targeting Primary Dysfunction" Workshop with Graham Pennington
Practitioner Development Workshop with Michael Morris
O Lab "Fundamentals" Review Training (TMJ) with Ron Phelan
College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – The Lower Extremities with John Garfield
College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Clinical Gems Workshop with John Garfield
College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy – Neck Workshop with John Garfield
McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® Technique Certificate of Proficiency
Cranio Bowen with Bowen College UK

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