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Latest MSTR® News…

January 9th: Our first MSTR® practitioner in Oman – Linda Giblett
January 2nd: We launch our Knee Research project for qualified MSTR® practitioner and our students.
January 2nd – 2020: We announce our Mission Statement – See this page
December 23rd:  Our first MSTR® practitioner in Saudi Arabia – physiotherapist Rana Merkhan
December 11th: CONGRATULATIONS to Simona Satinović Mikleušević our first MSTR® practitioner in CROATIA!
December 6th: Research results in Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia newsletter: 
December 2nd: Thanks to MSTR® instructor Laura Murray I am delighted to share this link with you – an article about MSTR® which has just been published by ‘In Touch’ magazine – the publication for The Massage Therapy Association of South Africa. See page 39.
November 28th: CONGRATULATIONS – to medical technician and first male MSTR® practitioner in Slovenia – Milanko Šušković

November 25th: Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Dr Perry Nickelston for placing this podcast about MSTR on his website:

STOP CHASING PAIN by Perry Nickelston A Vital Guide for healing your body, moving well, and regaining control of your life

November 25th: CONGRATULATIONS to Kevish Perumaul – now the 2nd MSTR® practitioner in SOUTH AFRICA!

November 23rd: Inaugural MSTR® 1 Day Workshop in Singapore – with Laura Murray

November 20th: We have now just over 300 MSTR® practitioners listed on our Practitioner Directory!
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