Laura Denney

Sadly our colleague Laura Denney has just passed away. We leave this page in place so you can read her words…

In all of my years of training in various bodywork techniques, I’d only come across one scar technique and the results were lacklustre at best.

Since learning MSTR® work and performing it in my practice I see just how crucial and overlooked this work has been. I’m very excited and honored to be able to share this far and wide.

This work can make the difference between good mobility and force transmission plus communication throughout the tissues, or compensational patterns that inhibit quality movement, possibly causing other health problems.

I find this work to be crucial to wellness and I’d like to help you see the relevance of MSTR® in your practice work too. Let me say that MSTR® is the first body of work of many healing modalities over the years that I have ever been excited to teach.


Laura Denney


MSTR® Diploma

January 2011 graduated from Florida Career school of massage and bodywork

Chinese medicine/Shiatsu Michael Turk

Intro CRaniosacral Therapy, Visceral Release, Dr. Russ Kalen

BTAA Bowen Technique Raymond Augustniyiak

Advanced Bowen Ossie and Elaine Rensch 

Sport Bowen Raymond Augustniyiak

Back pain John Wilks

Matrix Energetics Levels 1-3 Dr. Richard Bartlett

Yuen Method Chinese Energetics Level II Dr. Kam Yuen

BodyTalk Level II

Psychic Tools/Clairvoyance BPI 

Mediumship Mary Kay Winterstein Karma Psychic 

NeuroKinetic Therapy David Weinstock

IASTM neil Asher Technique

NAT Frozen Shoulder Neil Asher Technique

Applied Myoskeletal Lower body/Upper Body John Garfield

Bowen Bridges – Gene Dobkin

Amino Neuro frequency 

Targeting Primary Dysfunction Graham Pennington 

Art of Bowen Alastair McLoughlin

MSTR Alastair McLoughlin

Voila Level II

Zone Technique Dr. Peter Goldman