Laura Murray

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Based in Fremantle, Western Australia

Hi my name is Laura Murray, I live and work in the Fremantle area of Western Australia in Australia.


I feel honoured to be selected as a member of the instructors team for Alastair McLoughlin and his amazing McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® technique (MSTR®).

If I were to describe MSTR® in two words I’d use ‘Innovative’ and ‘Versatile’. Innovative - the absolute simplicity of this technique is its key.

The incredible successes achieved with MSTR® is not only limited to scar release work. What is amazing is the developing diverse applications of MSTR® have progressed far beyond its original intended use.

Versatile - MSTR® can be performed either in isolation or incorporated into any ‘Body Work’ modality making it an incredibly valuable and versatile tool for any practitioner.


As a Bowen Therapist, Kinesiologist and Neural Organisation Practitioner I successfully use MSTR® on patients on a daily basis, both in isolation and within my modalities. The outcomes can be astounding!

In my previous life I was an Ambulance Paramedic, so was exposed to people in, sometimes, the most physically and emotionally traumatic events in their lives. I felt privileged to be their emergency responder, their first point of contact for their road to recovery.

Now as an MSTR® Practitioner I feel I’ve run the complete cycle, I am now more often than not the last point of contact in their recovery process, for which I am very grateful. I see MSTR®’s role as the final chapter in a person’s recovery from physical trauma, freeing physical and emotional restrictions and improving their quality of life.

I am excited and looking forward at the prospect of assisting you to learn MSTR® and show you how to integrate this into your work. My years of experience as a trainer in Paramedical College will ensure you get the best possible training available.

I love my work! I’m sure once you’ve learned MSTR® and become proficient in it’s use you will achieve outcomes you didn’t think possible. You will be equally excited to share MSTR® with others.

I invite you to enrol in your MSTR® training with me at any scheduled One Day course or one of the new Virtual One Day classes that I will be delivering. If you’d like to book a course with me please email me by using the Enquiry Form.

Kind regards




MSTR® Diploma
Advanced Diploma Paramedical Science
Advanced Diploma Kinesiology
Diploma Specialised Bowen Therapy
Cert IV in Training and Assessment BA Education

Courses completed:
Art of Bowen® I & II
Importance of Symmetry
Targeting Primary Dysfunction
Neural Organisation Technique (Modules 1-4)
Hormonal Bowen

Associations / Memberships:
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Neural Organisation Australasia Member