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Hi my name is Laura Murray, I live and work in the wonderful Fremantle area of Western Australia in Australia.

I feel honoured to be selected as a member of the instructors team for Alastair McLoughlin and his amazing McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® technique (MSTR®).

If I were to describe MSTR® in two words I’d use ‘Innovative’ and ‘Versatile’.

Innovative - the absolute simplicity of this technique is its key. The incredible successes achieved with MSTR® is not only limited to scar release work. What is amazing is the developing diverse applications of MSTR® have progressed far beyond its original intended use.

Versatile - MSTR® can be performed either in isolation or incorporated into any ‘Body Work’ modality making it an incredibly valuable and versatile tool for any practitioner. As a Bowen Therapist, Kinesiologist and Neural Organisation Practitioner I successfully use MSTR® on patients on a daily basis, both in isolation and within my modalities. The outcomes can be astounding!In my previous life I was an Ambulance Paramedic, so was exposed to people in, sometimes, the most physically and emotionally traumatic events in their lives. I felt privileged to be their emergency responder, their first point of contact for their road to recovery.

Now as an MSTR® Practitioner I feel I’ve run the complete cycle, I am now more often than not the last point of contact in their recovery process, for which I am very grateful. I see MSTR®’s role as the final chapter in a person’s recovery from physical trauma, freeing physical and emotional restrictions and improving their quality of life.

I am excited and looking forward at the prospect of assisting you to learn MSTR®. My years of experience as a trainer in Paramedical College will ensure you get the best possible training available. I love my work! I’m sure once you’ve learned MSTR® and become proficient in it’s use you will achieve outcomes you didn’t think possible. You will be equally excited to share MSTR® with others.

I invite you to enrol in your MSTR® training with me, either via online and video call, or attend a scheduled one day course that I will be delivering. If you’d like to book a course with me please email me on

Kind regards


Student feedback:
"Very professional, used appropriate language to describe MSTR in scientific and layman's terms to aid our understanding. Confident, friendly and approachable, allowing the class to feel comfortable asking all sorts of questions. The theory was both informative and fascinating. The Practical technique was simple to learn, yet the positive result so instant, effective & powerful. 5 star!" ~ L.M. Western Australia
"Laura is an amazing instructor, I’ve been taught by a number of instructors in my time and you’ve got a good one in Laura. Professional, witty, knowledgeable and personable on all levels. It was all fantastic." ~ G.S. Western Australia
"Laura was an excellent instructor. Knowledgeable and experienced an she made the class interesting and fun. The workshop was excellent and so informative." ~ T.S. Singapore
"Laura was very approachable and patient throughout all practical sessions as we attempted this new technique. She provided clear explanation of all concepts and answered all questions thoroughly." ~ D.H. South Australia

MSTR® Diploma
Advanced Diploma Paramedical Science
Advanced Diploma Kinesiology
Diploma Specialised Bowen Therapy
Cert IV in Training and Assessment BA Education

Courses completed:
Art of Bowen® I & II
Importance of Symmetry
Targeting Primary Dysfunction
Neural Organisation Technique (Modules 1-4)
Hormonal Bowen

Associations / Memberships:
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Neural Organisation Australasia Member

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