Lise Waugh

Movement in the human form has always intrigued me.
We are beings meant to move, and when “life happens” causing us sometimes to become stuck, we need a little help.

Scars can certainly render us stuck, MSTR® is that help!

The crystallizing moment for me took place in a dissection course. The cadaver I was working with had a small abdominal scar- on the surface it didn’t appear to be much. But my curiosity caused me to delve deeper, follow it, see where it went.  So follow the scar I did. What initially seemed to be a tiny 1” scar proved itself to be a deep web of collagen wrapping its way through the viscera, clenching essential tissues and anchoring itself to the aorta- the main artery in the human body.

The revealing of that scar illuminated my understanding of the great potential scars have to limit movement, limit life. Within my own body there are many scars – from injuries and surgeries. I have felt their tug and pull within me. MSTR® has provided a release within my own body, and I have seen this first hand in the bodies of my clients. They are excited. I am excited. They feel better, I feel better!

There is a huge emotional component to scars. Alastair was the first to work on my cesarian scar, as a demo body for a course. This was a very intense experience for me- and I felt the need to hold back my emotions – like the scar had been holding me back. The release of tacked down tissues can lead to a flooding of thoughts and emotions- these can occur immediately, or later on. For me, I waited to let my emotions flow. But flow they did. Having understanding as to holding space for these natural reactions is important, my background in Yoga Therapy has been particularly helpful in this regard. 

As a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and practitioner of Thai Bodywork and Bowen, it is my mission to help my clients and students to enhance their movement potential and find ease in their bodies and minds. I have been teaching Yoga, and fitness based classes since 1982, Thai Bodywork since 2004 and have vast experience leading groups of many sizes along the way. For many years I worked intimately designing programs of movement therapy for the Arthritis Foundation, and I have 20 years experience providing care to hospice patients.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on a farm with many critters, and I have a love for travel. I am happy to come to your group, or meet with you on the screen. Whatever best suits your needs as you too expand your abilities to help others enhance ease in their bodies. 

I look forward to sharing this marvelous modality with you!


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Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

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Dual Bachelors degree – Equestrian Science/Biology Dance minor from Stephens College

Completed Graduate Studies in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton

Minister in Healing Arts since 2000

Member in good standing with International Association of Yoga Therapists 2000

Certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Therapy, Thai Bodywork since 2000. Certified as an advanced practitioner 2002.

Structural Yoga Therapist with Mukunda Stiles 2004

Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley­ 2010 and every other year thereafter Bowenwork­ certified by Kelly Clancy 2015

MSTR® Certificate 2018