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Louisa Griffin

As with everything I have learnt and taught over my career from Aerobics to Pilates to  Bowen Therapy I came to MSTR® because of the profound effect it had on me. I feel if you love doing something and that something can help other people then you must share it in any way you can. 

I have a very personal experience of how MSTR® helped me which I can share with you when we meet.

And after years of pain from C-section and lumbar surgeries I came to experience MSTR® for my scars. I know it changed my life that day in a deep and meaningful way.

Since then I have used it in my own practise with huge success on lots of my clients new and old, with some really profound outcomes.

I really feel that this technique needs to be ‘out there’ within easy reach of other practitioners of any discipline to add to what they already offer or as a stand alone treatment.

It is a really simple technique that I KNOW works.

Best wishes


Louisa uses either Apple FaceTime®,  Skype® or Facebook Messenger® for video calls. Cost GBP£65
Louisa also holds one-day tuition classes in MSTR®. Cost GBP£150
Details are HERE One day course Louisa
Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

Purchase online Video tuition

with Louisa … NOT AVAILABLE

One-day class tuition

with Louisa Griffin


Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

and Ethical Agreement


MSTR® diploma

Pilates Instructor Matwork CYQ Level 3(Cherry Baker)

Pilates in Pregnancy (Cherry Baker)

Pilates for Spinal problems (Cherry Baker)

Bowen Therapist (Bowtech)

Art of Bowen 1&2

Anatomy Trains Structural Intergration


Importance of Symmetry – Gramham Pennington

Aqua Instructor

Sales Training with Impact training

RSA exercise to Music 

Pool Plant Operator Qualification level 1 + 2

Health & Safety Certificate

First Aid Certificate Spinning instructor 

YMCA gym instructor

NVQ D32 assessor

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