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As with everything I have learnt and taught over my career from Aerobics to Pilates to  Bowen Therapy I came to MSTR® because of the profound effect it had on me. I feel if you love doing something and that something can help other people then you must share it in any way you can. 

I have a very personal experience of how MSTR® helped me which I can share with you when we meet.

And after years of pain from C-section and lumbar surgeries I came to experience MSTR® for my scars. I know it changed my life that day in a deep and meaningful way.

Since then I have used it in my own practise with huge success on lots of my clients new and old, with some really profound outcomes.

I really feel that this technique needs to be 'out there' within easy reach of other practitioners of any discipline to add to what they already offer or as a stand alone treatment.

It is a really simple technique that I KNOW works.

Best wishes


Student feedback:
"An excellent day I would highly recommend other therapists to learn MSTR. Most enjoyable part was the practical seeing the instant changes was mind blowing! Very professional. Very passionate. Nothing was too much trouble." ~ M.C. United Kingdom
"I enjoyed witnessing palpable changes in the tissue after carrying out the MSTR and also the physical and emotional changes by those worked on. This emphasised to me just how powerful and profound this technique can be. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to get started with MSTR!" ~ R.H. United Kingdom

MSTR® diploma
Pilates Instructor Matwork CYQ Level 3(Cherry Baker)
Pilates in Pregnancy (Cherry Baker)
Pilates for Spinal problems (Cherry Baker)
Bowen Therapist (Bowtech)
Art of Bowen 1&2
Anatomy Trains Structural Intergration
Importance of Symmetry – Gramham Pennington
Aqua Instructor
Sales Training with Impact training
RSA exercise to Music
Pool Plant Operator Qualification level 1 + 2
Health & Safety Certificate
First Aid Certificate Spinning instructor
YMCA gym instructor
NVQ D32 assessor

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