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LuAnne Hightower

Quite simply, MSTR® work is profound and needs to be shared as widely as
I’m convinced of the need to address scar tissue prior to other modalities,
as I have seen issues quickly resolve with MSTR® work that were
unresponsive in the long term  to other interventions.   MSTR® is critical
to unraveling compensatory patterns and restoring functionality, mobility,
and even emotional well-being.

I’ve been an instructor for over 35 years (yoga, body-centered trauma
resolution, and Bowen Therapy) and am adept at presenting information and
techniques specific to each individual’s learning style so that they feel
confident moving forward with their new skills. My own students have gone
on to be teachers and trainers.

I have had such great results with the clients I have treated, and I am
excited to share the technique far and wide. I’m looking forward to
supporting you as learn this powerful work.


Lua Hightower

LuAnne uses either Apple FaceTime®,  Skype® or Facebook Messenger® for video calls. Cost USD$85
LuAnne also holds one-day tuition classes in MSTR®. Cost USD$199
Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

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One-day class tuition

with LuAnne…

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Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy


Received National Certification in Massage Therapy and Bodywork (NCBTMB) in 1993 and opened private practice with a focus on craniosacral therapy and myofascial release.  Received NCBTMB new designation Board Certification in 2016.

Received diploma in Guided Self Healing trauma resolution technique in 1998 and certified as a trainer in this modality in 1999.  Received diploma in basic, intermediate and advanced Bowen Therapy (Albert LaShell) in 2012. Received diploma in The Importance of Symmetry (2015) and Targeting Primary Dysfunction (2017) from Graham Pennington. 

Diploma of Proficiency MSTR®

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