Marcus Cheng

Instructor Profile

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Hello! I am Marcus Cheng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


As a Holistic Bodyworker, I help my clients to heal from psychosomatic pain so that they can live in the present without being bound by what happened in the past.


In my line of work, I deal a lot with client's trauma, emotions and memories that surround profound incidents that shaped their lives. 


We all know that scars often have stories behind them. MSTR® provided a great way for me to release the scar tissues as well as the stories that are trapped within my client's body. It is simple to understand and apply. I have incorporated it many times into my work and it has changed my client's outlook towards life. They often find a new sense of strength, courage and trust within themselves to embrace all the possibilities that life has to offer.


Having seen significant shifts in my clients, I am proud to be part of the MSTR® international instructor team because I get to share this technique with more practitioners. Scar tissue release is an important piece of work that will transform your client's life. You will find MSTR® to be an invaluable addition to your toolbox in helping your clients and your loved ones.


I look forward to sharing MSTR® with you soon!



Marcus Cheng


  • Inheanity Energy Healing - 2011

  • MSTR® : Certified in 2019.

  • Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute): Certificates of attendance for VM 1 - 4

  • Neural Manipulation (Barral Institute): Certificate of attendance for NM 1

  • Polestar Pilates instructor

  • Tutor in Statistics and Bachelor of Actuarial Studies - 2010