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Exclusive Content
Approved MSTR® Practitioners


(rates vary)

 Euro =  €39,99 per year

AUD = $65 per year

CAD = $58 per year

GBP = £35 per year

NZD = $71 per year

SEK = Kr475 per year

USD = $44 per year


€39,99 Euro per year
(approx. €3,33 per month)



Screenshot certificate

You must hold an MSTR® certificate to join the community.  Purchases made in error cannot be refunded.

Cancel anytime = You can cancel your membership at any time. Membership continues until the end of your payment period.

Having problems paying?
CONTACT US for international bank transfer details.

Once you've made your payment, you will be redirected to the Sign-Up page.

CONTACT US if you have problems

Access exclusive content with our MSTR® Approved Membership

Why are you offering this?

We're moving away from social media (Facebook) for several reasons:
  • Privacy concerns about data sharing by social media platforms to governments and other agencies, in your country and internationally

  • Many people are leaving social media
 platforms such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Many people just don't want to join Facebook and similar platforms

  • We are at a point in our growth that warrants a vastly improved method to communicate with our membership in a more secure and safe environment and a place where we can offer a greater volume and quality of content.
Thousands of specialist groups offer membership packages!
Whether it is web-design, cookery, art, health or any other area of expertise, memberships are the way to access exclusive content, thereby improving your knowledge and skill. 
What are you offering with your Approved Membership package?
  • Exclusive video content and promotional items to help grow your business

  • Library - educational downloadable content

  • "Alastair's Help Desk" - Live meetings every month - just drop in as or when you feel like it

  • Revise and refresh your MSTR® skills and additional applications with our Live sessions!

  • Live 'Chat Support'

  • Events: Guest speakers presentations on specialist topics

  • Quizzes

  • Case studies - share your stories

  • Private messaging feature

  • Just as with Facebook, we will retain the functionality to chat, engage, question and learn - but in a safer, more controlled and simplified environment, without the distractions of Facebook ads and pop-ups.

  • Connect and share experiences, problem solving, advice and help

  • In total, you will become part of a select, but growing membership group and we will work hard to bring fresh and exciting content every month. Everything in one place!

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