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One Day Classes

One-Day Classroom tuition – Book a course here

This 8 hour classroom day will provide more information about the practical application of MSTR® work. You will get opportunity to practice on your classmates! The One Day workshop is a fun but powerful learning opportunity which includes:

  • Functions of the skin
  • Scar formation and its effects on the body
  • Emotional/psychological aspects of a scar
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Client handling and intake forms
  • Practical applications including underlying scar tissue work
  • Practice work – lots of time to get it right!
  • Additional ways to use MSTR® – practical demonstrations

Complete the coursework by:

  • Answering a 20-Question on-line test paper
  • Submitting 5 case studies to demonstrate competency

Upon successful completion of the course work you will become an ‘Approved Practitioner’ of the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique® and you will also receive a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’ with optional FREE ‘Practitioner Directory’ website listing.*

We encourage you to complete the coursework within six months of taking your class.

Your course fee includes:

  • Assessment of written test paper and case studies
  • ‘Approved Practitioner’ logo for your literature, website etc..
  • Free promotional videos for your website and Social Media page
  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Free Worldwide Practitioner listing on this website
  • Backup if you need help or advice with a client/patient

The pricing is straightforward…no special offers…no gimmicks…no introductory or limited time bargains!

Choose HERE from any of our international team of instructors to help you learn this amazing addition to your practice work.

I believe in this work so much – that’s why I put my name against it.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for use our Course Enquiry form here.

Best wishes

Alastair McLoughlin

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are properly insured to practice and that you work ethically, abiding by current state laws and regulations.

There are additional applications for MSTR® – it’s not just for visible scars.

We are finding that it can be used in a whole host of additional problems where underlying fibrous tissue is present. This includes:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Certain cases of frozen shoulder
  • Sports injuries (such as quadriceps and hamstring tears)
  • Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS)
  • Underlying scar tissue from surgeries or tissue traumas
  • Any areas of dense fibrous tissue

You can also use MSTR® for animals too. Horses and dogs have benefitted enormously from MSTR® application to surgical and trauma wound scars – including branding scars on horses. (Compliance with the laws of your country apply to the treatment of animals.) See more HERE about MSTR® for Horses and Dogs.

Learning MSTR® is very cost effective, obtains a high percentage of positive outcomes and can be a wonderful addition to your therapeutic ‘toolbox’ of techniques.

When it comes to enrolment, we believe in Equal Opportunities. Read our statement here.

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