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Paula Esson

Instructor Profile

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Scar work is an area which has been "weirdly" missed in the practitioner's toolset until recently it seems.


We have worked the fascia and understood many aspects of therapeutic changes that can occur but MSTR® has an intriguing and profound affect on the person as a whole. It has inspired me in the same way as the Bowen Technique first did in 1997.

I bring authenticity and humanity to my classes. I deeply care about people in a non-intrusive way and have a reputation for being educated, inquisitive, trust-worthy and reliable.


Twenty-five years in the therapy world has allowed me to create a voice and narrative that resonates with people and helps them to achieve their goals and reach their possibilities.

I believe in freedom and in essence - this what MSTR® is helping with. Feeling whole and free again. The opportunity to share MSTR® with you and to ensure more people have access to this work is my main motivation for delivering a truly inspirational class.

I look forward to seeing you on my MSTR® class soon.


Paula Esson

Based in County Antrim, NI, UK
Also teaches in Iceland, Ireland
and Greece 

Student feedback: 
"An amazingly knowledgeable and totally inspiring woman! Fascinating subject, an entertaining and enthusiastic tutor whose knowledge is immense and whose passion for her subject is contagious, and thoroughly pleasant fellow students. I had a wonderful day."

~ S.C. - United Kingdom

"Paula was inspirational and had a tremendous depth of knowledge and empathy. The whole day was a brilliant experience - working with Paula, meeting other professionals, and the hands on work. This was a life-changing course for me personally, and I hope this will transfer into my professional life."

~ G.H. - United Kingdom

"Extremely happy with Paula’s depth of knowledge conveyed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I felt very confident of Paula’s professionalism ... love her ..she is amazing! I think the MSTR work will be a wonderful addition to my Bowen clients and new clients and look forward to applying this new found skill and perfecting this treatment."

~ A.L. - United Kingdom



BSc Sport Science
Assistant Professor (hon) Pain management. Leicester Uni. Services to community. (NIHP Centres)
Bowen Practitioner / Bowen Lecturer /
Red Flag Training / Trainer
Anatomy Trains
Anatomy in Motion
Advanced basketball coach since 1991
Cert Ed 1992
Head of Sport Science. Gateshead College
ECBS Tutor. 2002
Taught 2000 Bowen Practitioners
Specialist in biomechanics / movement and sports injuries workshops
Creator of Red / Yellow flag training course.

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