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Anna Ades

State: California

City / Town: Oakland

Becky McLoughlin

State: Arizona

City / Town: Prescott

Maria Antonescu

State: Minnesota

City / Town: Duluth

Keana Waugh

State: Washington

City / Town: Whatcom County/ Bellingham

 Nancy Clark

State: Washington

City / Town: Mount Vernon

Angie Corwin

State: West Virginia Fayette County

City / Town: Fayetteville

Angie Corwin

State: West Virginia Kanawha County

City / Town: Charleston

Julia Miller

State: Arizona

City / Town: Tucson

Elizabeth Dimick LMT

State: Oregon

City / Town: Forest Grove

Teresa Curella

State: California

City / Town: San Diego

Susan Beck

State: Idaho

City / Town: McCammon

Catherine North

State: Washington

City / Town: Port Townsend

Laurel Maier

State: Washington

City / Town: Stanwood

Karen Sziel

State: Washington

City / Town: Seattle

Mary Purdy

State: Oregon

City / Town: Silverton

Annie Maier

State: Washington

City / Town: Marysville, Snohomish County

Nancy Callahan

State: Maine

City / Town: Lewiston

Revi Bernard

State: Texas

City / Town: Houston

Stacey Welch

State: North Carolina

City / Town: Wilmington

Chelsey Williams

State: Idaho

City / Town: Pocatello

Sonia Andreotti

State: Washington

City / Town: Albany

Pat Barnes

State: Georgia

City / Town: Atlanta

Darcy Cunningham

State: Maine

City / Town: North Yarmouth

Ellen Okazaki

State: Hawaii

City / Town: Honolulu

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