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Research Project 2023

MSTR® Research Project 2023

Without doubt the ultrasound research results we obtained in 2019 were far and beyond anything we had even hoped for!

Many health professionals have been attracted to learn MSTR® due to that research alone.


Thanks to the enormous success of that, and to research further into the effects of MSTR®, we are delighted to launch our new research project for 2023.

Help us reap the rewards of bringing new research results to you and the public.

Read on...

The Project Outlined:

  • The Research will be conducted in Germany, with the assistance of local medical doctors and specialists who are supporting the project by referring test subjects.

  • We plan to test 10 subjects with C-section scars for a series of 3 weekly treatments of MSTR®.

  • We will then wait for 2-months and remeasure the subjects to see if improvements are maintained.

  • We plan to commence the research on May 1st.

  • We hope to have the results available by October 1st.

Instead of repeating measurements using ultrasound imaging as we did in 2019, the 2023 Research Project will be using the very latest technology to assess and measure scars both pre and post treatment. The measurements will be taken electronically. The main test parameters will be: 

  1. Oscillation frequency (Hz) at cellular level

  2. Dynamic Stiffness / Compliance 

  3. Elasticity (decrement of natural oscillation)

  4. Relaxation (changes in mechanical stress relaxation time) 

  5. Creep value (tissue tension)

All measurements are objectively recorded and analysed using computer software.  This excludes the possibility of any subjective measurements or observations.

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 11.55.01.png
Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 11.55.19.png

The Project's Progress:

1.  Obtain and test myotonometer

March / April:
2. Recruit test subjects

3. Measure and Treat (part 1)

4. Measure and Treat (part 2)

5. Measure and Treat (part 3)

6. Final Measurements

September / October:
7. Publish results


To make all this happen, the project target is:

EUR€6.000 (USD$6,400;  GBP£5,300; AUD$9,200)

Much of the funding will be met through the MSTR® office but we would like you to help too!

We are confident that the research results will further underline MSTR® as an effective and reliable method of scar treatment and should be used routinely as part of post-operative care.


Your donation can help us achieve this aim.


Help us by making a donation towards our target.
This means so much for MSTR® and everyone who uses it!

You can donate any amount from just €10. 

We are already making progress as you can see from the status bar below...




Target - €6000



If you have any questions, comment or would like to offer any other kind of support for this project you can contact us: 

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