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We are pleased to announce that we have now conducted TWO research projects in the UK.

We have already completed two research projects into the efficacy of MSTR® work.

Both projects were conducted at The Newcastle Clinic, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K., using GE’s Soniq S8 real-time ultrasound imaging scanner.

GE’s Soniq S8 ultrasound scanner

Working alongside The Newcastle Clinic’s Consultant Radiologist Dr Peddada Raju we sought to determine changes in scar tissue size and vascularity and if post-treatment analysis of these changes could be imaged and recorded.

The preliminary study involved three test subjects with C-section scars. We were delighted to see that scar size reduced on average by around 50% in one 15 minute treatment. We also recorded improved vascularity both around and INTO the scar – where no vascularity was previously seen. We hope you are as excited as we are at confirming  the effect of MSTR® and that we now have an evidence-based foundation to our work. Download your FREE copy of this research report HERE. We hope you will reciprocate by making a donation towards our ongoing research…

We will soon release our latest research results using ultrasound imaging to measure MSTR®.

Come back to this page soon to download the report!

The second phase of research at The Newcastle Clinic sought to replicate the preliminary project using a larger group of TEN  subjects.

New research will begin in 2020 and if you would like to support our ongoing research project please use the button below to donate any amount you choose.

All money donated will be used towards further research.

Please use the ‘Donate’ button to make your contribution. Thank you.


Alastair McLoughlin

MSTR® Research Team – June 15th – 2019



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