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Susan Hagan

I am very excited about teaching this remarkable therapy that has been formulated by Alastair McLoughlin.  As soon as I heard about it I made an appointment with Alastair for his Skype class and I began to use my new skill the following day. 

My first client, who had a walnut tree fall on his back resulting in a broken spine, 1 year before, and sporting a 12 inch long spinal scar, walked out of my clinic without any pain and a full ROM. It was so impressive that it took my breath away. I have used MSTR® in clinic, on holiday, with family and friends and neighbours with similar stunning results. 

Imagine my joy when I was asked by Alastair to teach this technique!

I am a Complementary Therapist and have been working in this field my whole life. I have been teaching therapies internationally for 40 years and look forward to many more years of sharing MSTR® to as many students as I can. I live in Bulgaria.

With best wishes


Susan uses either Skype® or Facebook Messenger® for video calls. Cost Euro 75
Susan also holds one-day tuition classes in MSTR®. Cost Euro 175
Susan’s course details are HERE
Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

Purchase online

Video tuition

with Susan…

 In English only

One day class tuition with Susan…

27th October – 2019

Dynamic Care Ltd Unit 1404, 14/F,

Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, Hong Kong

Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy

Director: International Bowen Therapy Foundation Bowen Therapist and Tutor MBTPA
Anatomy and Physiology Tutor:
ITEC Clinical Aromatherapist, Examiner and Tutor:
MIFPA Ayurvedic Practitioner: DIP.Mana Vajracharya. Nepal
Cert Ed 1968 Qualified Teacher: St Katherines College, Liverpool
MSTR® Certificate: Alastair McLoughlin
Importance of Symmetry: Graham Pennington

College of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy: John Garfield



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