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BEFORE TREATMENT 1. “Beginning back in 2010 my client has had 7 total surgeries not counting torn bicep repair). He had 4 surgeries to repair his torn rotator cuff then for his 5th surgery, the surgeons decided on a total shoulder replacement …. then he had to undergo 2 more surgeries due to a MRSA infection that set into his arm causing not only pain but time off from work. His last surgery was in 2015 and has been to doctors, PT’s, Acupuncture, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, has endured cortisone shots, tried CBD oil, all without much help. He has difficulty lifting his arm and even rolling over to sit up takes a lot of effort and brings on pain.” Cyndi George – Gilbert AZ – USA    
Courtesy of Cyndi George – Gilbert AZ – USA    
“This client had throat cancer a year and a half ago. He had surgery to remove all of the lymph nodes in his right neck and had radiation for 7 weeks. 76 radiation treatments total.
We did approximately 10 minutes of MSTR® work on his throat scar and a little beyond. He was blown away at the suppleness of the scar and the whole right side of his neck. His voice sounded a little croaky before the scar work and post scar work, his voice was so much smoother and clearer.
I love this MSTR scar work!
Thanks Alastair!
***Update-My client just yawned for the first time post scar work and he said there was no pain.
Before the scar work he said it was hard and painful to yawn. Yay!”Courtesy of Meghan Marks – 
Jerry’s story –

Courtesy of MSTR® practitioner Laura Denney



DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT – MSTR Comparative Results – July 2019

Cristina’s story. Courtesy of MSTR® practitioner Gail Tumes


Surgery date – February 2017

This image (left) pre-treatment photo dated 16th October 2018

Treatment 1 (16th October 2018)  = 12 minutes


Treatment 2 (26th October 2018) = 10 minutes

This image (left) after 2 treatments

photo dated 6th November 2018


by MSTR® practitioner: Siti Nur Atiqah Binti Abdul Rahman,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


How scar tissue can restrict the range of motion of a joint:

48 year old injury fixed in 10 minutes!

An injury to this man’s index finger some 48 years ago had left him with restricted flexion of his finger. Not a big deal you may say….but extrapolate the idea out to other joints…especially the spine. Even so, we have another amazed client!  The first photo shows the limited amount of flexion which has been this way for 48 years. Ten minutes later and the second photo shows normal range flexion.




Cyndi George – USA

The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique has been instrumental in releasing the underlying fascia and muscles more thoroughly than any other technique I have used and my clients have noticed too!

Brenda Schaaf Klarer – Canada

Had to share, patient yesterday had carpal tunnel surgery a year ago and began to have pain in their thumb, to date the unrelenting pain in her thumb had her surgeon schedule another surgery to ‘see what’s going on in there’….15 min on the carpal tunnel scar and voila! Pain in thumb COMPLETELY gone….nothing, nada. No pain…she nearly danced out the door (to call to have her ‘exploratory ‘surgery canceled…Thank you, Alastair!

Grace Billing – Australia

I did scar tissue work on a broken ankle scar from a few years ago, for a friend. During the treatment she was in awe as she felt sensations being restored, the shape of her foot/ankle changing, and swelling dissipating. She felt tingling in her toes as they started to ‘feel’ properly again. She was able to move her whole foot and ankle with much much more flexibility afterwards. She had tears in her eyes and was so stunned and happy. What a gift.

Jill L’Esperance – USA

Had a great response today with scar tissue work. The client left saying “I can’t believe how good it feels to feel good!” And “my back has not felt this good in I don’t remember how long!” I did scar tissue work on a gall bladder abdominal scar about 5-6 inches long and a vertical c-section scar from navel to pelvic bone. When she sat up she said her whole back felt loose and wonderful. She tried a couple squats too and said even that felt amazing. Quite a change from a few minutes worth of work!!!

Kimi Watada – USA

Much gratitude to Alastair for teaching this amazing technique. I worked on a woman today with large mastectomy scars, lumpectomy ones and breast reconstruction surgery scars over both sides. Painful to touch in a few areas and she had some lumps underneath some that were painful as well. We were both amazed and happy with the results. Much softer tissue and skin and the pain had decreased to where she was overjoyed. She goes in for more reconstructive surgery next week but plans to come back again. Thank you Alastair!

Kathleen Redman – USA

Every single one of my clients who needed scar tissue release has benefitted. It has provided the fastest response to reducing discomfort at the scar and in related tissue.


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