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Vicky Franklin

MSTR® work is a revelation! I use it all the time for humans and horses – which are my passion.

I have been passionate about horses from about 8 months old but it was decided that I should actually go to University and learn something ‘proper’ before I started playing around with horses.

So I ended up with a BSc and an MSc, both in Engineering.  I spent 26 years working all over the world and project managing automotive, aerospace and military projects, but during that time I still kept riding. 

I finally found my perfect first horse in 1999 and in order for me to compete him and keep him fit and sound, I decided to teach myself all about the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the horse.  Any courses that I could find, I did – all with the intention of keeping my horse as fit and injury free as I possibly could.

MSTR® work is an integral part of my work now and I relish the possibility of sharing it throughout the world on humans AND horses.

Best wishes


Vicky uses either Apple FaceTime®,  Skype® or Facebook Messenger® for video calls. Cost GBP£65
Vicky also holds one-day tuition classes in MSTR® for humans and horses*. Cost GBP£150
Details for humans are HERE One day course Vicky 
Details for horses are HERE One day horse course Vicky
Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy
 For humans  For horses

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with Vicky…

One-day Human MSTR® class

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Before purchasing Video or One Day classroom tuition please read our Cancellation Policy



2018 MSTR® Diploma

2018 Equine sports science seminar CPD

2018 Applied Myoskeletal – Pelvis and lumbar spine CPD

2017 – 2018 European College of Canine Bowen Studies Bowen Practitioner (canine)

2017 Targeting the primary dysfunction CPD

2017 Hormonal Procedures CPD

2017 Equine Myofascial release CDP

2016 The Importance of Symmetry CDP

2015 Art of Bowen CPD

2015 EmmTech CPD

2015 Bowen spinal workshop CPD

2015 Equine dissection – The Spine CPD

2014 Bowen and Kinematics CDP

2014 Body Reading workshop CDP

2014 – 2015 European School of Equine Bowen Studies Bowen Practitioner (equine)

2012 – 2013 European College of Bowen Studies Bowen Practitioner (human)

2013 Intensive Integral Anatomy lecture CDP

2013 Bowen Practitioner workshop CDP

2008 Reikki 1 & 2 Reikki Practitioner

1999 BHS Stage 2 BHS 2

1998 BHS Riding and Road Safety BHS R&RS

1998 BHS Stage 1 BHS 1

1992 – 1995 Manchester Metropolitan University MSc Polymer Technology

1986 – 1990 Loughborough University Of Technology BEng Hons Design & Manufacture Eng.

1985 – 1986  Watford College 2  A levels

1979 – 1985 Parmiters School 3  A levels + 10 GCE O levels

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