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Video Refresher

confused-2681507_960_720Had your MSTR® Video Call or One Day class but still a little unsure of what you’re doing? 

Perhaps its been some time since you took your class and you’re a little ‘rusty’?

Use this ‘Refresher’ facility to contact any of the instructors below for a one-to-one video call. Call time of around 30 minutes should enable you to recap and clarify anything you want to ask.

Once purchased you will be contacted by your chosen instructor with a choice of video call appointment times.

Have your questions ready…

Ajda Hudjej (Slovenian) Slovenia (in Slovenian) Euro €27
Cyndi George USA USD $30
Denise McAvoy UK GBP £24
Donna Woodstock Canada CAD $40
Donna Woodstock (Canine)
Unavailable at this time
Canada CAD $40
Elian Krekels Netherlands Euro €27
Eva Wahlström Sweden (in Swedish) SEK 400
Frances Carter (Canine) UK GBP £24
Gus de la Querra UK GBP £24
Iulia Moldovan Romania (in Romanian) Euro €27
Joleen Sinn USA USD $30
Jules Wilson UK GBP £24
Kimi Watada USA USD $30
Laura Murray Australia AUD $45
Lise Waugh USA USD $30
Lorna J. Mair Malaysia Euro €27
Louisa Griffin UK GBP £24
LuAnne Hightower USA USD $30
Monika Lindblom
Sweden (in Swedish) SEK 400
Paula Esson UK GBP £24
Rachel Bannister UK GBP £24
Silke Lauth Germany (in German) Euro €27
Scott Barrett New Zealand NZ $47
Susan Hagan Bulgaria Euro €27
Tina S. Hull USA USD $30
Vicky Franklin UK GBP £24
Vicky Franklin (Equine) UK GBP £24
You can now make a live video call with the architect and designer of MSTR®, Alastair McLoughlin – cost €27 

You will receive an email from us once your payment has cleared. Please note this is not an automated service so please make allowances for different time zones. Thank you.


You can purchase access time to five video presentations that take you through the theory of MSTR® work including client handling and treatment protocol. 

Once purchased, a link will be sent for you to access the five video presentations. Access time lasts for the month in which you purchase AND for the following month ONLY.

Cost is Euro 10 (PayPal will automatically convert Euro into your local currency). Presentations in English.

Video access HUMANS (English)
Video access HUMANS (Dutch)
Video access HUMANS (German)
Video access HUMANS (Slovenian)
Video access HUMANS (Spanish)
 Video access HORSES
Video access DOGS
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