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Virtual classes

Designed for healthcare professionals we have created this online 8 hour Zoom Virtual classroom to provide all the information you need for the successful application of MSTR®.

You'll be asked to provide a model to work upon for 2 hours of the afternoon session. The Virtual class is a mixture of PowerPoint presentation and practical learning. Curriculum includes:

  • Functions of the skin

  • Scar formation and its effects on the body

  • Emotional/psychological aspects of a scar

  • Indications and contraindications

  • Client handling and intake forms

  • Practical applications including underlying scar tissue work

  • Practice work - lots of time to get it right!

  • Additional ways to use MSTR® - practical demonstrations

Complete the coursework to achieve Certification by:

  • Answering a 20-Question test paper

  • Submitting 5 case studies to demonstrate competency

Course fee includes training manual.

Virtual classes explained - watch the video...

Virtual classes

In order to meet the needs of students in these times of restricted travel and lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus we have created our MSTR® Virtual Class. The course material is exactly the same as the our Live Classes however the instructor is in a remote location. Your instructor will deliver a mix of PowerPoint Presentations, pre-recorded video material and live interaction.

The class will be conducted via ‘Zoom’ – the video conference platform.

We offer TWO types of Virtual Classes – Type A and Type B.

What is Virtual Class Type ‘A’?
The Virtual Class Type ‘A’ has the instructor in a remote location whilst you and your fellow students attend the class together, just as you would for any teaching class. Class sizes will be limited. The maximum number of students will be 9 persons or less, depending what is allowed by your local government authorities. Virtual Class Type ‘A’ will be used where meeting in small groups is still permitted.




What is Virtual class Type ‘B’?
Just like a webinar the Virtual Class Type ‘B’  has the instructor in a remote location. You and each of your fellow students are also in their own separate location – in your own home or clinic. For the practical part of the course the student will need to have a person to practice upon for a few hours – someone within your support ‘bubble’ or persons with whom you are permitted close contact. This might be a family member for example. Virtual Class Type ‘B‘ will be used where meeting in small groups is NOT permitted and where local lockdowns are strictly enforced. PLEASE NOTE: Virtual classes are not available from all instructors.

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