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Wishing you lots of success… is often how I end my email to someone who has just been awarded their Diploma of Proficiency in my scar work. How is success achieved? It certainly isn’t achieved overnight.

I remember the example of 60’s supergroup The Beatles. They exploded onto the British music scene in the early 60’s. They had Top Ten hits one after the other. It seemed they couldn’t put a foot wrong.

What many people don’t realise is that The Beatles were not an overnight success. They formed in 1957 and played many, many times in Hamburg Germany during 1960 and 1961, gradually refining and honing their playing and song writing skills and to acquire their ‘sound’ before coming back to Liverpool, UK where Beatlemania really took off and they conquered the world with their music.

Success isn’t usually overnight. You have to have experience, hone your skills, have passion and dedication to what you do. Focus on the work and benefits to your clients and success will be a natural conclusion. People will  love and value what you do.

MSTR® work is such a valuable addition to your practice and with experience and enthusiasm for what you do success is pretty much assured!

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