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Cyndi George

Instructor Profile

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, USA

Student feedback:
"Highly recommend this instructor to others interested in taking the class if they really want to learn the correct techniques. She had to correct my finger angle & techniques a couple of times before I got it down." ~ N.R. - Arizona

Hi everyone,


My name is Cyndi George and I am located in Gilbert Arizona, USA.

I own Cynshine Pilates Studio specializing in movement therapy including: McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, Pilates, Yoga, Fascial Stretch using Active Isolated Stretching®, Neurokinetic Therapy®, Reiki energy work and Pilates for Neurological conditions.

I was beyond honored to had been selected as one of the Alastair McLoughlin’s MSTR® Original International Teaching Team members, and one of the first 3 in the US to begin to bring this technique to the states.  I consider it a joy to continue to teach this technique around the world.

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique® has totally changed my practice and I can say without hesitation it has brought back rejuvenation of life and movement for my clients. It truly was the missing piece in my toolbox in addressing muscular dysfunction.   

I stumbled upon MSTR® as I was desperately trying to help a client that had over 20 surgeries.   I was making some headway using my other modalities, but I knew there was something missing that I could be doing for her.  And voila! I found Alastair and haven’t looked back since.

I describe MSTR® to my clients and friends as a beautifully noninvasive technique that unwraps and loosens the hold that the fascial bindings of scar tissue have held in the body, causing pain and restricting movement even after decades have passed.

This technique can be done anywhere and there isn’t a big-time commitment needed to experience the results.

I have found that this technique enhances the other modalities that I incorporate providing a well-balanced treatment for my clients.  This technique works with fibrotic tissue caused by muscular tears, or strains and allows the tissue to relax gently without a lot of pressure and clients say they can feel the muscle relaxing!

It is great for Plantar fasciitis, hamstring pulls, carpal tunnel issues etc. The beauty of MSTR® are the widespread applications that just unfold before you.  I incorporate MSTR® with my muscle testing diagnostics, highlighting to the client just how powerful scar tissue is.

A scar left untreated in the body can actually shut down the functionality of a muscle pattern causing pain in that area or a related area, restriction in range of movement, the physical appearance of the scar pulls on the underlying tissue and possibly even trapping emotions.

Once the Scar has been worked on and the muscle pattern returns to functionality i.e. repeat the muscle test, the clients are amazed.

And, unlike other modalities, the MSTR® works long after the treatment has completed and doesn’t adhere back unless of course there is another insult to the tissue.  This means your clients get better and stay better!

I use McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® in my Reiki energy sessions,  AIS® stretch sessions, Pilates and Yoga students. That is the absolute beauty of this technique is that it simply dove tails with every other modality!

I have had the honor and privilege of working through some pretty astounding energy releases with clients that would not have happened had it not been for my MSTR® training.  I feel it is such a gift that I can give to my clients. To see the look on their faces when mobility or range of motion has been restored or their pain either reduced dramatically or gone completely is priceless!

MSTR® is like seeing a 3D magic eye picture for the first time.  Once you see it you can’t unsee it and once you incorporate MSTR® into your practice you cannot “not” use it!

I am happy when I get the opportunity to teach students in person in our One-day seminars and in the Spanish language around the world via instant messaging, Skype, FB messenger or Zoom .  I would consider it a privilege to walk you through the training all the way through to certification!  I stay in touch with all my students and enjoy their successes almost as much as they do!

I look forward to your enrolment a MSTR® training with me, and if you would like me to bring this amazing one day seminar to your area, I am absolutely willing to travel!  Any questions or further clarifications feel free to contact me via this website.

When the student is ready the teacher will
appear ~ We have an awesome team of instructors!


Love Light and Always Keep Learning!




B.Sc. and M.Sc. - Indiana University in Physical Education, Sports
Coaching, Adapted Physical Education and Administration
Continuing Education and Certifications:
MSTR® Diploma of Proficiency & Practitioner & International Instructor since 2018
Pilates for Neurological Conditions Beginning and Advanced Levels
Parkinson Regeneration Instructor Certification
Stop Chasing Pain Courses with Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA

Primal Movement

Lymphatic Mojo
Functional Health and Movement with Dr. Perry Nicklelston and Dr. Stewart Gillespie
Yoga 500 HR ERYT and Continuing Education provider for Yoga Alliance – YACEP
Comprehensively Certified Stott Pilates Instructor including:
Injuries and Special Populations
Pilates for Scoliosis
Pilates for Athletes

Reiki Master

CORE Reform/Barre/Suspend Instructor and Ambassador
Juvo Board Instructor
Neurokinetic Therapy Level 3 Practitioner and Teaching Assistant for Levels 1, 2 & 3
Advanced Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner (The Aaron Mattes Method)
Immaculate Dissection Anatomy and Movement Courses with Dr. Kathy Dooley, Msc, DC and Dr. Anna Folckomer, MsTOM, DAOM
o   Immaculate Dissection 1: Core Concepts
o   Immaculate Dissection 2: Lower Extremity Concepts
o   Immaculate Dissection 3: Upper Extremity Concepts
o   Immaculate Dissection 4: Neck, Jaw, and Hand Concepts

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