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In 2019, we undertook research to evaluate MSTR® using ultrasound imaging.

A General Electric (GE) Soniq S8 ultrasound scanner was used to conduct the test on, in total, twelve test subjects with C-section scars.

Each subject was pre-scanned for:

  • Size and depth of scar tissue

MSTR® work was then applied for a total of 15 minutes per subject, as a single treatment. Immediately after MSTR® treatment each subject underwent a post-treatment ultrasound scan conducted by Consultant Radiologist, Dr Pedada Raju.

These images show pre and post treatment scanned image results.



  • The size of the scar was measured and displayed (in centimetres or millimetres) in the bottom LEFT of the image.

  • The time and date of the scan is shown toward the top left of the image. 

  • For uniformity and to help eliminate unwanted variables, the same practitioner (Alastair McLoughlin) was used to treat all 12 subjects.

AB transverse 01.jpg