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How to add MSTR® to your practice

Practitioners are finding it extremely easy to add MSTR® into their existing treatment approach.  If you're a physical therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor, myofascial therapist - whatever your specialty - you can often add MSTR® right into a treatment session. Successfully addressing scar tissue can enhance your treatment outcomes. Read more

The treatment of scar tissue can be a profound experience for some, so now and then you'll need to schedule a separate appointment. We teach you how and when to differentiate.

Students and qualified practitioners have found learning MSTR® to be a rich and rewarding experience.

Due to the extremely efficient and rapid responses that are obtained using MSTR® we can guarantee very high levels of success - right from the first clients you work with.

Whatever area of healthcare you're involved with, MSTR® is easily integrated into your practice. Read more

We offer MSTR® classes in three exciting and informative ways...


Live classes

Live classroom participation is, for some, the best way to learn new skills. Enjoy this 8 hour interactive class which mixes theoretical and practical learning. Lots of hands on time learning MSTR® with your fellow students. Read more...

Small group course.jpg

Small Group Course

When attending a Live classes isn't possible - then Small Group Course is the ideal way of learning MSTR® in this compact 3-hour Online training session. Also suitable for if your time is limited Read more...


Online 1-to-1 course

If you don't like learning in a group, or if prefer personal tuition this Online 1-to-1 class is ideal. There is a mixture of pre-recorded material to watch online followed by personal live tuition from the creator of MSTR® - Alastair McLoughlin.
Read more... 

Ros Jennings.jpg

Ros Jennings - Certified Bowen and MSTR® practitioner
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

"My clients have been astonished by the results achieved with MSTR®. It constantly amazes me too. Seeing happy clients with positive outcomes never gets boring!

Clients often don’t give MSTR® consideration until after the event, and then wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.” 

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