Marble Surface

Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of scars is this treatment useful for?

It is chiefly applied for any scarring due to surgical intervention or trauma wound scars. It can be extremely effective for long or short term scarring such as:

  • Caesarean section scars

  • Hysterectomy scars

  • Spinal surgery scars

  • Trauma scars from lacerations such as head wound scars, stab wounds, bullet wounds

  • Mastectomy scars

  • Amputation scars

  • Underlying scar tissue from surgery

There are additional applications for MSTR® for problems such as Plantar Fasciitis, restricted should movement, Dupuytren’s contraction and Axillary Web Syndrome.

Who can be trained to use this technique?

ANY bodywork practitioner can use this work….

Massage therapists





Bowen practitioners

Rehabilitation therapists

Pilates instructors

Yoga teachers etc…

In fact anyone involved professionally in health and wellness and who is insured to practice and licensed to apply therapeutic touch.

Have you undertaken any research?

We are serious about our work and although the thousands of case studies, practitioner and client testimonials show we are really on to something significant in the the treatment of scar tissue, we also undertook two research projects to prove the claims we were making.

You can read more and download those research reports and vide video testimonials >>HERE<<

Does your class offer CE/CPD’s hours?

Go to THIS PAGE for a current list of associations and professional bodies that grant CE/CPD hours.

What kind of symptoms can improve using MSTR® technique?

Symptoms associated with scar tissue that may improve include:

  • Numbness or desensitisation in or around the area of the scar

  • Pain

  • Feeling of disconnection between lower and upper body (especially C-section scars)

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Burning

  • Itching

  • Nausea

  • Physical appearance such as the texture and colouration

  • Emotional and psychological pain associated with scars and the events that created them

​Many or all of these symptoms can change dramatically, often quickly…even after decades.

How does MSTR® compare to other techniques for scar tissue?

The rapid and long-lasting responses that clients experience with MSTR® makes it a valuable addition to any practitioner’s therapeutic toolbox. We do not make comparisons between MSTR® and others interventions. It is unfair and unethical to do so.

You yourself need to make that judgement. However please apply to join our Facebook group to read for yourself what practitioners around the world say about MSTR®. Read and see the amazing changes we obtain with scar tissue using MSTR® and then you can make your own decision.

How long does it take to train in this technique?

Training is surprisingly quick and is available in three formats:

  1. Live classes

  2. Virtual classes

  3. Online 1-to-1 course

We encourage you to complete the coursework within six months of taking your class (now extended to 12 months due to Covid19 restrictions). If a student still has not completed their coursework after 12 months from the date of their class we can provide extra tuition from a tutor with our 'Refresh and Revise' call.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Pricing is shown on each class listing.

Go >>HERE<< to access your country and find pricing indoor local currency

or >>HERE<< for the Online course prices

After your initial cost there is nothing else to pay. Your test paper, case study assessments, certificate and online Practitioner Listing are all included in your course fee.

Payment is made through the secure payment gateway - PayPal.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I pay?

You may not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay. You can use your debit or credit card.

Just continue with the payment button we have provided and you will be asked if you wish to pay by PayPal or your credit card. (This is a multi-level encrypted payment facility and your details are quite safe.)

If you do not have a credit card perhaps a friend or relative that DOES have a PayPal account can complete the transaction for you.

Pricing is straightforward…no offers…no gimmicks…no introductory or limited time discounts! And we will NOT annoy you with pop-ups or ads! 

But also please do not ask for discount. What we teach will be such a valuable asset to your work and repay you hundreds of times over.

Pricing is listed on each COUNTRY page.

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Can I resume my studies 
after an extended break?

Yes, you can, but if that extended break is for more than 12 months from your course date there will be a charge for extra tuition from an instructor.

Costs for each class is shown on the country course listing. Good >>HERE<< to find your country

If you want to re-take a class usual fees apply.

Note: There are no restrictions to extended breaks or delays in completing the coursework during the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis.