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Case studies

Real-life stories

Research results demonstrate the measurable effects of MSTR®. Yet the most powerful effects of MSTR® are experienced by clients who bear witness to the life-changing effects of this powerful therapeutic intervention. We present typical, real-life stories for your examination...

After being burnt severely at age seven, Esther (Rachel) endured additional surgeries to help her overcome the effects of the burns. This story was featured in UK's Take-A-Break magazine.

By MSTR® Practitioner June Miller - Scotland, UK

Esther's story

Jessica's story

Twenty nine year-old female elementary school teacher, Jessica, received her scar as a result of surgery October 2011 for scoliosis. Two titanium rods were inserted into her spine.

By MSTR® Practitioner Tom Bradigan LMT, RN - NY, USA

Lily's story

Six years ago, Lily slipped and fell on some large rocks near the shoreline.  She was left with a scrape on the lateral side of her right lower leg,  which scabbed over. This now affected her dancing...

By MSTR® Practitioner Brenda Lim, 

Susan's story

Multiple surgeries and multiple scars and the additional problem of stabbing shocks of pain in her jaw and face.  This 'shocking' story told to MSTR® Practitioner Tina S. Hull, LMT, - WA, USA.

Lauren's story

Lauren's small car was hit from the back at 50 mph (80-kmh) by a white van deploying the airbag, which thankfully worked and saved her, but then...

By MSTR® Practitioner Paula Esson BSc., Northern Ireland, UK

Laurel's story

This patient had suffered an ectopic pregnancy and subsequent emergency surgery in 2017 and since then had endured many traumatic multi-staged miscarriages. This story told to MSTR® Practitioner Laurel Maier, WA, USA.

Like millions of other women, Kim's C-section scar affected her both emotionally and physically. She was so happy the day she found MSTR®.  
By MSTR® Practitioner Monika Lindblom, Sweden.

Kim's story

Annie's story

About fifteen years ago, Annie noticed a small lump in her neck. The doctor immediately did a thorough exam and Annie was referred to an ENT specialist and then to oncology. They did surgery on her neck to remove the large, swollen and painful lymph node...

By MSTR® Practitioner Tina S. Hull, LMT - WA, USA

MSTR® Helps Bulgarian National Rugby Team to Victory!

Excellent use of MSTR® to help sports injuries and enhance sports performance with the Bulgarian National Rugby Team.

By MSTR® Practitioner Paul Looby - Bulgaria.

More case studies posted soon...
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