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Student support

Student Support is a live online meeting designed to help you through any aspect of your coursework.

The meeting is hosted by any of the MSTR® Instructors listed on THIS PAGE

Perhaps it has been quite a while since you started the MSTR® course - you're a little 'stuck' and need help or some motivation? Maybe there are things you forgot or you don't feel confident applying MSTR®? Perhaps taking the online test seems a little daunting?

Let us help smooth out those bumps in the road...

What's included?

Topics include:

  • taking you through some of the test questions that may be troubling you

  • case study guidelines - what to include - with some examples to guide you

  • advice or help with specific clients you may be working on

  • demonstration of the MSTR® basic work

  • additional demonstrations of MSTR® applications: plantar fasciitis, restricted shoulders, underlying scar tissue

  • how scars may be affecting your clients - establishing a rationale for treatment

  • taking your questions and problem solving

The meetings are scheduled whenever convenient for you and the instructor. You'll be offered a choice of dates and times.


Meeting lasts 1 hour.

Open to MSTR® students who have previously undertaken training with us, but who have NOT yet qualified in MSTR®. 

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