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Student support

Student Support is a live online meeting designed to help you through any aspect of your coursework.

The meeting is hosted by MSTR® designer Alastair McLoughlin.

Perhaps it has been quite a while since you started the MSTR® course - you're a little 'stuck' and need help or some motivation? Maybe there are things you forgot or you don't feel confident applying MSTR®? Perhaps taking the online test seems a little daunting?

Let us help smooth out those bumps in the road...

What's included?

Topics include:

  • taking you through some of the test paper questions that may be troubling you

  • case study guidelines - what to include - with some examples to guide you

  • advice or help with specific clients you may be working on

  • demonstration of the MSTR® basic work

  • additional demonstrations of MSTR® applications: plantar fasciitis, restricted shoulders, underlying scar tissue

  • how scars may be affecting your clients - establishing a rationale for treatment

  • taking your questions and problem solving

The meetings are scheduled according to Time Zones and are provided only twice throughout the year. So don't miss out.

Meeting lasts 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the amount of participants.

Meeting cost is €25 - payable via PayPal. Your Zoom link to the meeting will be sent after payment and registration.

Please don't send money in your local currency. PayPal will make the conversion automatically for you.

By booking on this class you have read and agree with our Policies and Terms of Business 

Don't forget to double check the time of the meeting against your local time!

This meeting is open to both MSTR® students and practitioners who have previously registered with us. 


Zone 1
December 11

08:00 Frankfurt, Germany (Central European Time)

20:00 Wellington NZ

18:00 Sydney, NSW

15:00 Perth, WA

11:00 Dubai, UAE

09:00 Athens, Greece

07:00 London UK, Dublin Ireland


Zone 2
December 11

19:00 Frankfurt, Germany (Central European Time)

20:00 Athens, Greece

18:00 London UK, Dublin Ireland

13:00 New York USA, Toronto Canada

10:00 Seattle, Los Angeles, USA

08:00 Honolulu, Hawaii, USA




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