Meet The Team

Our fine team of MSTR® instructors have been selected by me for their
passion, experience and dedication for this specialised form of body work for healthcare professionals. 

They are all enthusiastic and motivated to convey this
potentially life-changing work to you in the same manner as myself. 

You can depend on their support and encouragement
as you transition from student to practitioner - and beyond.

Alastair McLoughlin

AL head and shoulders.jpeg

Alastair McLoughlin

Designer of MSTR®

Alastair began his career in healthcare in the early 1980’s when he qualified as a remedial massage therapist with the Northern Institute of Massage.

He later trained in Bowen Technique and in 1997 became the UK’s senior instructor for The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. He became a Life Member of The Bowen Association (UK) in recognition for his work.  He is also an Honorary Member of The London and Counties Society of Physiologists.


Ajda Hudjej


Hvaležna sem, da sem lahko del ekipe inštruktorjev za neverjetno tehniko McLoughlin Scar Tissue ® (MSTR®).

Če bi opisala tehniko v nekaj besedah, bi rekla, da je preprosta, nežna in učinkovita.


Ko se boste naučili MSTR® tehniko in jo začeli uporabljati, boste dosegali rezultate, za katere niste mislili, da so možni.

Foto Ana 2 cropped.jpg

Ana Macedo de Azeredo


Comecei o meu caminho em cuidados de saúde como terapeuta de Bowen.

Aceitei o desafio que o Alastair me lançou de ensinar outros terapeutas, das mais variadas áreas, a adicionarem às suas ferramentas de trabalho o MSTR®  porque acredito que esta ferramenta é crítica em alguns casos e muda a condição do cliente de uma forma sólida e permanente.

Sou uma instrutora jovial, pragmática, acredito que os exemplos práticos são a melhor forma de conseguir envolver os meus formandos e enriqueço as minhas sessões com a minha experiência quotidiana.

Cindy Goh profile pic_edited.png

Cindy Goh


My name is Cindy Goh. I am a Bowen Therapist and MSTR® Practitioner in Singapore.


Both these techniques are close to my heart and the results I get to witness on my clients' healing journey is gratifying and humbling. 


I am proud to be granted this chance to spread the word and share about MSTR® - as a practitioner and as an instructor.

Singapore flag_edited.jpg

Elian Krekels


Mijn naam is Elian Krekels. Ik woon en werk in Tilburg.


In 1985 ben ik afgestudeerd als ergotherapeut en daarna heb ik, na ook nog werkzaam te zijn geweest als schoonheidsspecialiste, mijn weg 25 jaar geleden vervolgd als complementair therapeut.


Ik heb ik in 2000 de praktijk Leefbewust gestart , waarin in  ik momenteel samen met mijn man werk. 


Gus de la Querra

United Kingdom and South Africa


The great thing about MSTR® is that it works. And it works well. 

It has become an invaluable every-day tool in my clinic and one my whole treatment plan can very often be centred around.

Helping people is what we do and what we love. And if I can help people to help more people, well that’s a bonus and a massive honour. 


Lise Waugh

United States of America

I have been teaching Yoga, and fitness-based classes since 1982, Thai Bodywork since 2004 and have vast experience leading groups of many sizes along the way.

For many years I worked intimately designing programs of movement therapy for the Arthritis Foundation, and I have 20 years of experience providing care to hospice patients.  I look forward to sharing this marvellous modality with you.


Joleen Sinn

United States of America

As an advocate of alternative health, I am excited about the results I’m seeing when using MSTR®. Both the simplicity of this release and the profound, life-changing results are amazing. 

As an MSTR® student, I was impressed with Alastair, his love of people, and his willingness to help us learn.

As an MSTR® instructor, I am passionate about sharing this valuable tool for healing with others.

The MSTR® technique is a complex concept, yet simple to perform, and brings a myriad of benefits.


Laura Murray


Hi my name is Laura Murray, I live and work in the wonderful Fremantle area of Western Australia in Australia.

I feel honoured to be selected as a member of the instructors team for Alastair McLoughlin and his amazing McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® technique (MSTR®).

If I were to describe MSTR® in two words I’d use ‘Innovative’ and ‘Versatile’.  I am excited and looking forward at the prospect of assisting you to learn MSTR® and show you how to integrate this into your work.


Marcus Cheng


Hello! I am Marcus Cheng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a Holistic Bodyworker, I help my clients to heal from psychosomatic pain so that they can live in the present without being bound by what happened in the past.

Scar tissue release is an important piece of work that will transform your client's life.  You will find MSTR® to be an invaluable addition to your toolbox in helping your clients and your loved ones. I look forward to sharing MSTR® with you soon.


Paula Esson

United Kingdom and Greece, Iceland, Ireland

Scar work is an area which has been "weirdly" missed in the practitioner's toolset until recently it seems.


We have worked the fascia and understood many aspects of therapeutic changes that can occur but MSTR® has an intriguing and profound affect on the person as a whole.


I believe in freedom and in essence - this is what MSTR® is all about. Feeling whole and free again.


Scott Barrett

New Zealand

I am currently living and working as a Neuromuscular Therapist in Wellington, New Zealand.

Over the course of my time using MSTR® I have seen changes in range of motion treating adhesive capsulitis, changes in bowel function and low back pain from treating Cesarean sections as well as emotional relief from reduced symptoms, and massive psychological and cosmetic changes in a client with 10% partial thickness burns to her body. The use of MSTR® is heartfelt and versatile, with a range of applications for use.


Susan Hagan

Bulgaria and Hong Kong, United Kingdom

I am a Complementary Therapist and have been working in this field my whole life.


I have been teaching therapies internationally for 40 years. I use MSTR® all the time in my clinic and I'm constantly amazed at the transformation MSTR® can create in the health and lives of my clients.

I am excited to share this remarkable therapy with you and look forward to many more years of sharing MSTR® to as many students as I can. I live and work in Bulgaria.


Tina Hull

United States of America

I am passionate about MSTR® !

When I decided to change careers, I went looking for something that WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. 

I wanted something that had tangible, lasting results where other things maybe didn’t work so well. I didn’t think I would ever find something as profound as MSTR®.


I absolutely love it’s glorious simplicity followed by its miraculous results!!!! 

Adriana 2 jpeg.jpg

Adriana Markanović


Moje ime je Adriana Markanović. Živim i radim u istočnom dijelu Hrvatske, u Vinkovcima. Radim već 20 godina kao fizioterapeut. 

Ono što je mene oduševilo je koliko tako nježna tehnika u tako malo vremena može učiniti promjena na tkivu, poboljšati pokretljivost i kvalitetu života. MSTR® je savršena nadopuna vašem znanju, te se lako uklapa u druge oblike terapije.


Alison Edge


I am a Remedial Massage Therapist and Lymphoedema Practitioner. I run a busy clinic on the NSW Central Coast.

Since becoming a therapist, my love for learning about the human body has continued and taken me to many different things. By far, my favourite thing has been learning the MSTR® from Alastair McLoughlin. I use this technique every day in my clinic and cannot wait to show you the countless ways it can help your clients too.

Christine O'Connor_edited.jpg

Christine O'Connor


I am based in Melbourne, Victoria and I started my journey of learning soft tissue therapies in the 90’s.  

MSTR® has been an incredibly valuable skill to learn.  I feel we can address scar tissue itself, and also it’s potential, often complex, impact on our clients with this versatile technique.


MSTR® is effective, efficient and expedient.  It is valuable as a stand alone treatment, or integrated with your existing tools, into your treatment approach.   It’s an excellent technique for facilitating change.


Cyndi George

United States of America

I am located in Gilbert Arizona, USA. I own Cynshine Pilates Studio specializing in movement therapy including:

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, Pilates, Yoga, Fascial Stretch using Active Isolated Stretching®, Neurokinetic Therapy®, Reiki energy work and Pilates for Neurological conditions.

I was beyond honored to had been selected as one of the Alastair McLoughlin’s MSTR® Original International Teaching Team members...


Frances Carter - Canine Instructor

United Kingdom

MSTR® for me is the missing link I have been striving to find for over 35 years.”

Training as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and then Sports therapist, Frances later project managed the development of health club facilities throughout Devon, UK.

I am proud to deliver Canine MSTR® classes throughout the world!


Jaine Konarik


My desire to help my clients more, to get better outcomes for them and to get results that were whole body focussed lead me to MSTR®.  MSTR® has given me the opportunity to see and experience life changing results for clients.

Being a perpetual student and an instructor, I like to create a learning environment that is relaxed, supportive and practical.

To have the privilege and honour of facilitating life changing wellness is humbling. I look forward to seeing you in a MSTR® workshop soon.


Jill L'Esperance

United States of America


I discovered MSTR® in 2017 and I continue to see amazing results when using this as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with the muscle release modalities.

I practice full time out of two locations. I currently teach primarily in Minnesota and I am looking to expand into other states.


Jules Wilson

United Kingdom

I am a passionate advocate for MSTR® work because I see the positive impact it has on clients almost every day.

As the founder of a busy, successful clinic, I look after people with a myriad of conditions, and MSTR® work will often feature in their treatment plan. 

Given that I get 92% of my clients through referrals, I know MSTR® and the other techniques I use really work. It’s my mission to empower other practitioners to deliver this transformative treatment too.


Mădălina Sandu


Mă numesc Sandu Mădălina Ionela, sunt fiziokinetoterapeut și terapeut McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR®) în Cluj-Napoca.


În practica mea medicală vin foarte des în contact cu persoane care ar putea beneficia de efectele acestei tehnici manuale.


Având în vedere că abordarea mea terapeutică include și țesutul miofascial, MSTR® a venit ca o completare care face diferența când ne lovim de implicațiile țesutului cicatriceal. 


Monika Lindblom


Jag har under mina drygt 20 år som terapeut och utbildare inom kroppsterapier och naturmedicin aldrig tidigare sett en behandlingsform med så snabba och hållbara resultat!

Eftersom ett obehandlat ärr kan skapa problem var som helst i kroppen, inte bara där ärret sitter, rekommenderar jag numera alla mina klienter att få sina ärr behandlade.


Jag har sett symptom försvinna, som klienten inte alls har kopplat ihop med ärrvävnaden.


Peta Crogan


Like many, my first experience with MSTR® blew my mind. It was painless, quick and profoundly changing. 

I have over 25 years’ experience in the natural health and medical industries, with Pathology, Oncobiology and Ayurveda supporting my MSTR® work. 

I have been running workshops for the past 5 years and am excited to bring my experience and passion to MSTR®.


Silke Lauth


My name is Silke Lauth. I live and work in Bad Nauheim, Hessen.


In my practice, MSTR® has become an indispensable additional tool. Every scar that I have treated so far has shown clear changes and improvements for my clients.


No matter if numb or painful, white or red, thick or knotty ... with no other technique have I achieved such quick and lasting success.

With Alastair McLoughlin, I help administer the MSTR® office.


Tibor Szatmári


Numele meu este Tibor Szatmári, sunt specialist în recuperare medicală/fiziokinetoterapeut și formator MSTR® (McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release) în Bucureşti.


În cazuistica cu care lucrez, predomină leziunile postchirurgicale si posttraumatice. Cicatricea și țesutul cicatricial, in cazurile respective joacă un rol foarte important atât în păstrarea calității vieții cât și funcțional respectiv estetico-emoțional. 

Această nouă abordare a venit ca și o tehnică ajutătoare în ceea ce privește vindecarea lor.

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