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Scar Tissue Management
in Sport

  • How much did you already learn about scar tissue, its role in recovery and
    athletic performance?

  • How much did you learn about the treatment of scar tissue? 

  • Are you aware of the far-reaching effects of scar tissue, both physically and mentally?

  • Did you learn about the psychological effects of injury and scarring on an athlete?​

In your years of training as a sports therapist...

If you didn't learn much,
or you need something more effective, read on...

The treatment of scar tissue is a seriously neglected topic. This is due to two primary reasons:

  1. Limited understanding or awareness of the role scar tissue plays in the inhibition of athletic performance and recovery

  2. The lack of a reliable and effective method of treating scar tissue

This course provides the answers to both of those issues and delivers a straightforward method of addressing scar tissue from surgery or a sports-related injury for your patients.

Thanks to the research already undertaken, you will have a proven method of scar tissue reduction, right at your fingertips.

You will, we hope, also begin to appreciate the massive role scar tissue plays in athletic performance and the potential to reduce recurrence of problems and the possibility of re-injury. Your role is to help the athletes in your care return to their chosen sport or competition, as safely, quickly, and effectively as possible.  MSTR® will be an enormous assistance to you achieving these objectives as it plays an important part in the primary care and recovery of the injured athlete.

"If the active scar is left untreated...
it may be the case of therapeutic failure and 

Just think about that statement for a moment and you'll see how important and useful this course will be for you.

What you'll learn...

Not only will we cover the physical effects of scars in fascia and other structures that inhibit sports performance, by the end of this course you will have collected the skills necessary to reduce scar tissue, in a reliable but non-invasive way.

By ignoring or minimising the role scar tissue plays, you run the risk of reduced therapeutic effect from the other interventions you might be using, but also the potential for recurrence and re-injury!

Who is this course designed for?

The course is specifically designed for physiotherapists and sports massage therapists - or anyone involved in physical therapy, and whose work is primarily with athletes and sports people.

We teach physiotherapists, working with professional athletes, through to practitioners working with keen amateur sports people. 

Injuries can be sustained from any sporting activity.  Untreated scars can seriously impede a participant's return to training and their chosen activity.

Course format

  • Learn from anywhere in the world with our Live online classes! 

  • We teach small groups - maximum six persons - scheduled in two time zones, so there's a time that will suit you.

  • Class duration is 3 hours via Zoom conference platform. Dates and times are shown below...

  • You'll need a computer with webcam or tablet. (Phones are not recommended.)

    The course fee includes:

    • PDF training manual

    • 6 pre-course learning videos

    • post-course support materials

    • assessment of case studies for certification

    • student support from your instructor and the MSTR® office

  • Apart from the course fee (shown below) no other fees are involved.

Your instructor

Her vast experience in sports injuries and sports science makes Paula Esson the perfect choice to lead you through this fascinating course.

  • BSc Sport Science

  • Head of Sport Science. Gateshead College - England

  • Assistant Professor (hon) Pain management. Leicester Uni. - England

  • Advanced basketball coach since 1991

Paula 3_edited.jpg
Paula Esson's full profile here: 

You'll come away with the skills and ongoing support to help you realise your full potential in this amazing modality.

MSTR® - Scar Tissue Management in Sport

Small Group Course with Paula Esson
Live call duration - 3 hours

Course fee - GBP £159

for sport.jpg

December 8th

08:00 London UK, Dublin Ireland
09:00 Central European Time

10:00 Athens, Greece

16:00 Perth, WA

19:00 Sydney, NSW

21:00 Wellington, New Zealand


December 8th

17:00 London UK, Dublin Ireland

18:00 Central European Time

12:00 New York, Toronto

10:00 Phoenix Arizona

09:00 Los Angeles California

When registering, please tell us which time zone you're booking for.
Don't forget to double check the time of the meeting against your local time!
  • After completing the registration form, you will be sent an invoice (by email) by your instructor, for the amount advertised. Payment is often requested via PayPal, but bank transfer may be arranged.

  • The course fee becomes due immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Please pay the invoice promptly to ensure your place on the course.

  • Before purchasing your course please read our Cancellation Policy and Ethical Agreement

MSTR® is being used for all kinds of sports. Photos for illustration purposes only.

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