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Our Policies and Terms of Business

We believe in fairness and equality.

We believe in honesty and transparency.

We believe in client satisfaction and value.

Therefore please read our trading and business policies so you can
be assured of our ethical work model. 


In brief

Privacy policy

We do our utmost to protect your privacy and never disclose any information without your authorisation.
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Equal Opportunities

We treat people with fairness, dignity and respect regardless of their age, gender, race or sexual orientation. 
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Complaints Procedure

Although complaints are extremely infrequent we deal with all complaints in an objective and unbiased manner. 
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Cancellation Policy

What happens if you cancel your class?

We make every opportunity to reschedule or refund your fees.
There can be sometimes be unavoidable costs so read this section.
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Ethical Agreement

Please be aware of this ethical agreement before enrolment on your course. You will be asked to sign this agreement at registration.
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