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Designer of MSTR®

Alastair McLoughlin
Based in Bad Nauheim, Germany 

Offers 1-to-1 Online course worldwide in English. 

Alastair McLoughlin is the designer and creator of the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® technique.

Alastair began his career in healthcare in the early 1980’s when he qualified as a remedial massage therapist with the Northern Institute of Massage.

He later trained in Bowen Technique and in 1997 became the UK’s senior instructor for The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. He became a Life Member of The Bowen Association (UK) in recognition for his work.  He is also an Honorary Member of The London and Counties Society of Physiologists.

In his career Alastair has developed many bodywork techniques which he has taught as an independent international teacher since 2011. See more…

His scar work (abbreviated to MSTR®) is just one of many bodywork techniques he created. MSTR® is quickly gaining recognition as an important technique for the treatment of post surgical and trauma wound scars. 

Alastair has formed an international teaching team of 24 instructors to take his work to the 24 countries in which MSTR® is now available. Besides English, MSTR® training is also available in Bulgarian, Croatian, Dutch, German, Italian Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

Research undertaken in June 2019 at The Newcastle Clinic (UK) has created much interest in MSTR® and further research will be undertaken late in 2019 to validate the initial research results on C-section scars.

British born, Alastair now lives and works in Germany.

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