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Cindy Goh

Instructor Profile

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Based in Singapore

"I am proud to be granted this chance to spread the word and share about MSTR® - as  a practitioner and instructor." - Cindy Goh

My name is Cindy Goh.


I am a Bowen Therapist and MSTR® Practitioner in Singapore. Both these techniques are close to my heart and the results I get to witness on my clients' healing journey is gratifying and humbling. 


Why do I choose to help spread the word about MSTR®?


MSTR® technique is effective

Results can be seen / felt / observed immediately. People are freed literally from the body pains they find themselves wrapped in over time.


MSTR® technique is versatile. 

It can stand on its own. Or it can be incorporated into your current Body Work with lasting results that both you and clients can see. I have done it both ways, depending on the client and depending on what they present during their visits.


MSTR® technique has wide potential.

Since its development, this technique is now grown from just releasing scars. Its range of application is being explored and extended as you read this. I have had the chance to apply this from various issues ranging from TMJ to migraines to plantar fasciitis to bunions.


Curious and you will like to know when the next MSTR® course is? 

Reach out and make contact. 


I am proud to be granted this chance to spread the word and share about MSTR® - as a practitioner and as an instructor.


You have the choice of attending MSTR® courses in physical One Day course or online in Virtual One Day class. If you would like to book a course with me, please email me by using the Enquiry Form.




Thank you and have a nice day,