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Horseback Riding

Equine MSTR®
Case Study

Thank you for wanting to complete the course for Equine MSTR® –

just the last little hurdle of your case studies to go !!!


You will be expected to complete at least two treatments on five different horses – not five different scars, which could be on the same client – but five different horses. You will need to demonstrate that you not only understand the principles of MSTR® Equine scar work that you have been taught, but that you also understand how to apply it.  

Please present the case studies in either - Microsoft Word,  or Adobe PDF.   If the files are too large to email, then use Google Drive or similar file transfer facilities, such as TransferXL.


Include details that are relevant to the client and the scar tissue that you have found, so it shows you have understood the work and how to apply it. Include the following as a minimum:

  • That, if it is a requirement of your country or state, you have veterinary permission to treat the animal and you can supply the contact details for the vet.  No case study will be accepted without a vet’s agreement.  If verbal consent has been granted, please supply the name and contact details for the vet and the veterinary surgery

  • Horse’s details, including name, age, height, breed, workload and how long it has been with the owner

  • Horse’s basic management program – including feed, feet, forage, turnout, exercise and competition program

  • Horse’s behaviour and any observations that you are able to make about it

  • Horse’s movement – as a minimum you need to observe the animal in walk

  • Description of the scar tissue – before and after photos of the scar or the scar site (difficult to capture indirect scar tissue on camera!) are ideal, with accompanying text.  

  • Amount of hands-on contact time on a scar and record the pressure you used

  • Reaction of the horse during and after the treatment

  • How you managed the owner and any recommendations that you have made to the owner post treatment

When you have all ten treatments (5 case studies) written up, send them to

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