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Jaine Konarik


Instructor Profile


Based in Scarborough,

Western Australia

Hi my name is Jaine Konarik, I live and work in the Scarborough area of Western Australia.

One of the first things you learn when you become a body worker is just how much you don’t know!!


There are so many levels and degrees of connection in the body’s soft tissue I realised very quickly I was missing something in my knowledge base and in my tool box of resources and skills. My desire to help my clients more, to get better outcomes for them and to get results that were whole body focussed lead me to MSTR®.


With no level of exaggeration, MSTR® has given me the opportunity to see and experience life changing results for clients.


Sometimes the results are physical – better range of motion; sometimes they are emotional – releasing anger and fear over past traumas;  and sometimes they are deeply personal – overcoming embarrassment  and poor self-image. 


I have done (like most of us I think!) lots of courses after completing my Diploma in Remedial Massage and MSTR® is the only course that provides both clinical and holistic outcomes for my clients. 


Being a perpetual student and an instructor, I like to create a learning environment that is relaxed, supportive and practical. I believe that we learn best by doing, practicing, and asking questions till we understand and feel confident. 


To have the privilege and honour of facilitating life changing wellness is humbling. I look forward to seeing you in a MSTR® workshop soon. 




Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports Massage

Pregnancy Massage

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® (MSTR®

Dry Needling

Foam rolling techniques 

Infant Massage​

Bachelor Commerce - University of WA

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