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Based in Honesdale, PA, USA

Nema Nyar


Instructor Profile

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My name is Nema Nyar, a massage therapist and bodyworker with 30 years experience, deeply involved in the study of yoga science.

One of my earliest scar clients was a woman with debilitating back pain, and none of my treatments (Bowen therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, myofascial techniques, massage) were getting to the cause of it.


I worked 15 minutes each on 2 long scars, one on each shin, which she got from a fall down the stairs many years prior.


A month later, I could barely see her scars and her back pain was gone. Six months later, it was still gone.


I was, and continue to be, amazed by the increase of function people experience when their scars are released.

How do scars on the shins affect the back? We are like crystals - vibrations travel readily through us. Healthy fascia is a vibratory continuum, transmitting energy and information among all of our various organs and tissues.


Scars, on the other hand, inhibit the flow of energy and information. Since fascia is all one piece in the body, scars can have effects throughout the body. When scar tissue is remodeled, it becomes integrated with the rest of the body. When that happens, there is a sense of homecoming on many levels.

There is no shortage of scars, just a shortage of scar releasers.


MSTR® is a simple-to-learn yet highly effective method of remodeling scars. I teach at the

Himalayan Institute, a retreat center in beautiful northeast Pennsylvania.


I would be honored to initiate you into this work.


Certificate from Santa Fe School of Massage, 1992


Jin Shin Jyutsu,

Bowen Therapy,

Myopathic Muscular Therapy,


MSTR practitioner.

Completed Visceral Manipulation (up to level 4).


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