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Peta Crogan

Instructor Profile

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Peta Crogan

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia

Hi my name is Peta Crogan, I live and work in the Fremantle area of Western Australia in Australia.

Like many, my first experience with MSTR® blew my mind. It was painless, quick and profoundly changing. 

As an Ayurveda practitioner, already working with clients in both bodywork and internal health, I was aware of the dramatic effects of scars. I knew a big scar could prevent the immediately proximal tissue from moving and reduce strength through inability to contract. However, I had not quite pieced together the subtle but long-ranging effects of scars on distal range of motion. To see how easily we could make a permanent positive impact excited me deeply and I immediately envisaged learning more and dreamed of becoming an MSTR® instructor someday.  

I love educating and empowering others, so this shines through all activities in my practice. Clients are always empowered with tools to help them live their best life. I believe relief from pain is essential to health and it is a pillar of my business. 

I have over 25 years’ experience in the natural health and medical industries, with Pathology, Oncobiology and Ayurveda supporting my MSTR® work. 

I have been running workshops for the past 5 years and am excited to bring my experience and passion to MSTR®. I feel very honoured to accept the baton from an incredible teacher in Fremantle, WA and sharing the inspirational work of Alastair McLoughlin with others. 

I look forward to bringing the fabulous tool which is MSTR®  to more bodyworkers, holistic practitioners, exercise specialists, carers, medical practitioners, nurses, even surgeons. 

Warmly, Peta.


MSTR® Diploma

B.Sc. (Hons) – Pathology - University of WA

Adv.Dip. Ayurveda - Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Newborn Mothers AyurDoula training

Ayurveda Practitioner: health consultation, herbal prescription and remedy manufacture

Associations / Memberships:
Australian Natural Therapists Association

Ayurveda Federation Australia

Peta Crogan
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