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Dawn Chouman

Instructor Profile

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Based in Alicante region, Spain

Hi everyone,


Originally, I was intrigued by MSTR® because one of the teachers working for me was donating her kidney. Witnessing the remarkable effects of the MSTR® technique on her scars, I decided to learn it to aid in her healing journey. Realizing the transformative power of MSTR®, I quickly fell in love with this technique.


Prior to learning MSTR®, I referred clients to dry needling for scar work, despite its potential to create more scars and inconsistent results. Many clients resisted the pain associated with dry needling, resulting in slow progress and referred pain in other areas. I always knew scars impacted movement and pain management significantly, but the right solution seemed elusive.


MSTR® changed everything. I saw chronic back pain relieved through work on double C-section scars, a tailbone tumor removal scar that improved blood and lymph flow in a stagnant leg, and a forehead scar aiding in the healing of an open wound. A belly button ring scar reduced back pain and anxiety, while a client with traumatic brain injuries experienced a profound lift in depression and heaviness after MSTR® on his injury sites. Breast reduction scars treated with MSTR® also led to reduced shoulder and sciatic pain. These clients' stories highlight that unnecessary agony can be alleviated.


I’ve witnessed numerous mini-miracles with MSTR®, and I am passionate about sharing this amazing tool. With over 20 years of experience teaching Pilates and movement, I love collaborating with other professionals. Whether you’re a Pilates or Yoga teacher, physio, doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, physical therapist, massage therapist, nurse, or movement professional, I look forward to sharing the incredible benefits of MSTR with you. It’s a game changer for your patients, clients, loved ones, and yourself.


Hugs and healing,




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Dawn Chouman is a Comprehensive Classical Pilates teacher and a Level III Advanced Neuro Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. She has specialized training in:


  • Fascial Training

  • Lymphatic Training

  • Vagus Nerve Training

  • Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training


Dawn has dedicated much of her career to volunteering, helping active duty injured military troops, veterans, and individuals with disabilities improve their movement.

She enjoys hiking mountains, swimming in the sea and hanging out with her dog, friends and loved ones. Dawn is honored to share MSTR® with other professionals and be a part of the MSTR® family.

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