Course Dates

To find a course easily here is your quick guide to all the courses we offer.

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DATE Australia/NZ Bulgaria  Canada Hong Kong Malaysia  UK  USA
March 22nd   Joleen – Indiana
March 23rd Gail – NZ  Susan – Pavlikeni   Claire N. Yorks  
March 30th Gail NSW  
April 5th   Joleen – Indiana
April 7th     Rachel – Warwickshire
April 10th     Jules Norfolk  
April 12th   Cyndi Arizona
April 13th   Donna – Ontario

Human course

    Lise – Washington
April 14th Gail NSW  Donna – Ontario

Canine course

Susan –

sim Sha Tsui, KLN

April 26th         Claire – Aberdeen  
April 27th Gail Qld  
April 28th Laura M NZ Vicky –  Worcs. Human course  
April 29th   Vicky –  Worcs.  Equine course  
May 4th   LuAnne – California 
May 5th Laura M NZ
May 6th   Joleen – Indiana
May 8th Gail – N.T.  
May 11th Laura M N.Z. 

Gail – N.T

  Denise & Louisa


Laura D Ohio
May 12th     Claire 


May 13th     Rachel – Oxon.  
May 25th Gail Vic.  
May 26th   Lorna

Kuala Lumpur

June 1st Gail Qld. Donna – Ontario Human course   Vicky –  S.Yorks Human course  
June 2nd Laura M Vic. Donna – Ontario

Canine course

  Claire  – Herts Vicky –  S.Yorks Human course  
June 8th Gail Qld. Claire N. Yorks  
June 15th Gail Qld.  Tina – Washington

LuAnne – California 

June 29th Laura M W.Aust. Claire  – Dorset Laura D Texas
July 6th Gail – Sth. Aust.   Claire


July 13th     Jules Lincolnshire
July 27th Laura M NSW  Donna – Ontario

Human course

    Vicky – Shropshire 
July 28th   Donna – Ontario

Canine course

August 2oth Gail Qld.    
September 7th Laura M W.Aust.    
September 14th   Donna – Ontario

Human course

September 15th   Donna – Ontario

Canine course

October 12th Laura M Sth.Aust.    Jules Cornwall




October 26th   Donna – Ontario

Human course

October 27th   Donna – Ontario

Canine course

November 23rd Gail Qld. Donna – Ontario

Human course

November 24th   Donna – Ontario

Canine course


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