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Equine MSTR® Student Resource Page

IMPORTANT: This material is provided FREE of charge for McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® Equine Students ONLY. 

All material remains the property of Alastair McLoughlin which is subject to international copyright laws and may not be used by unauthorised individuals or companies or persons unqualified in the MSTR® technique.



Test paper

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Type your answers to these 20 questions into an email and send to:




An 80% pass mark for the exam is needed.

Allow 5 days for a reply from our office.

Contact us again if you do not receive a reply in that time. 


Good luck! 


Follow the link for full details for what to include in your case studies.

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Refresh and Revise

Perhaps it has been quite a while since you started the MSTR® Equine course - you're a little 'stuck' and need some help or some motivation to complete your coursework.


Maybe there are things you forgot or you don't feel confident applying MSTR®?

If taking the online test seems a little daunting then let us help smooth out those bumps in the road with a 'Refresh and Revise' video call with our Equine instructor - Vicky Franklin.